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Mar 14, 2008 07:05 PM

Wedding favor ideas

I'm looking for nice food-oriented wedding favor ideas. I am the groom, and am known for my cooking and food enthusiasm, so something food-oriented seems like a good idea. We have thought about small glass containers into which we could put spice blends, vanilla sugar or culinary lavendar. Budget is a factor!!!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. 2 years ago for our wedding my hubby & I made our own rub. he got all the spices through wholesale (he's a chef), got the tins from the container store and labels of the internet. Low budget and we still getting requests from the guests for more! :)))

    1. How about making your own bouquet garni? That would be cost sensitive and could be dressed up in a nice gauze and string/ribbon to match wedding colours. Then wrap again in clear or wedding-ish cellophane or little cellophane bags. I think that would be a lovely gift. A gift tag on it could suggest uses and use a 'play on words' about blending two souls or something else syrupy (pardon the pun).

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        I love this idea! Bouquet garni works perfectly into a wedding. And the rub idea is great too. I've seen spiced nuts, or little bottles of honey, or "custom" whole bean coffee blends. Not sure how affordable those would be though...I made rosemary olive oil for my wedding favors. Everyone loved them and they looked great with the place settings, but it was a lot of work to bottle and wrap. Whatever you do start early and get help! There are a lot of cheap bottles available online, here's the site where I purchased my containers, they were reliable.

      2. For my daughter's wedding last year I made wedding cookies -- they are known as Mexican or Russian wedding cookies. 300-plus, in fact. I put them in little boxes printed with the bride and groom's name and the date of the wedding, with silver candy holder cups (like tiny muffin cups. They were hugely popular and it was something from my kitchen, which made it extra special.

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          There is also a Mexican wedding cookie recipe.

        2. This is a fun one. A few ideas...

          1. Jar cakes. I'd never heard about these until I read this post:
          You can use all sorts of recipes, and make nice labels to go with them. Should be relatively cost efficient, depending on what kind of cake you make (chocolate would be more expensive, for instance).

          2. Brittle, or candied nuts. You could do a few different varieties, and make up assortments. Package in ribbon-wrapped cellophane. Possibly too expensive?

          3. Homemade marshmallows, in a bunch of different flavours. Pack in chinese take-out boxes (available for purchase in bulk at paper/packaging stores).

          (For some reason, apparently I think that sweets are more wedding-y than savories.)

          1. What about, instead of giving little favours, making a donation to a food/hunger-related charity in your area? Examples might be kids' breakfast programs, programs that pick up unused food at restaurants and give it to shelters, etc. The organization will likely give you little cards you can place at the tables.
            We've started doing this kind of thing in our circle (another example - instead of baby shower favours, make a donation to the Children's Hospital). People love it.

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              I have to agree with foodiemommy. I would add that you need not feel obligated to have favors at all. Admittedly, my opinions are colored by my experience planning my own wedding a few years ago. So many companies make money by convincing people they need to buy x, y, or z for their wedding. If you have the time, money, and inclination to do favors, that's great. If not, I think you should feel free to focus your resources on the meal, the music, or photos -- whatever matters most to you.
              In the event you do provide favors, I would caution you to consider how your guests will be traveling and to choose the favors accordingly. I attended a conference in Europe several years ago where I received an overflowing goodie bag. Unfortunately, I left half the stuff in the hotel because there was no way I could carry it all back to the US with me.