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Mar 14, 2008 07:02 PM

Greenville, SC with a 4 year old

I'd like to go out next week for my birthday, and I want someplace nice (not super fancy though) and kid friendly. I'd like to steer clear of chains if possible or anything with the common kid's meals of chicken fingers, pizza, spaghetti, mac & cheese, grilled cheese sandwhich. Not that my daughter doesn't love those things, but I'd like her to have some other choices. Generally speaking, she is a good eater and fairly well-behaved in restaurants unless there's a long wait. I'm up for anything good except most Asian cuisine (my husband is not a fan) and willing to go anywhere in Greenville. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Would suggest Oysters on the West End
    All kinds of Food and nice atmosphere check out the website

    1. I know it is a chain but the Melting Pot might be fun, especially dipping fruit and cake into the chocolate.

      1. Hmmm....that's kind of a stickler because nice and kid friendly usually don't go together very well. City Range would be a pretty good choice and they have a kids menu.

        1. I'd try Liberty Tap. Food was pretty good and casual. We ate there last weekend. They take reservations too.
          If you want to go more upscale, you might try High Cotton (nice view and good food) but not sure if they have kids menu. Both have websites you can check out.

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            I agree with Liberty Taproom. Service has always been good and they often have specials. Not 5 stars or anything but it has a nice vibe to the place and the food is good IMHO.

            As an FYI I was checking Devereaux's website earlier today and they actually say they will prepare meals for children. Still not sold that children would truly be welcomed but you know...

          2. When our son was four we took him to an Japanese hibachi steak house. Even for someone who doesn't like "Asian" the food is great - steak, seafood, chicken, veggies, white or fried rice, soup, salad and since the chef cooks it on the grill right in front of you and puts on a show throwing shrimp up in the air, and chopping things with big knives kids usually love it. There are no weird seasonings or anything. A friend who is really particular about food went to one with us and was very surprised at how good it was. There are several in the Greenville area. One is Mimi's on Woodruff Rd.

            Another one that a child may enjoy is Embassy Suites restaurant on Verdae Blvd.just off Laurens Rd. They have a stream with fish in it running right in the middle of the dining area. It is lit up like Disney world with the tiny white lights and the several times we've eaten there the food has been excellent.

            Several of the local Mexican restaurants advertise Mariachi bands. And I think most adventuresome 4 year olds would love fajitas on the sizzling platter.

            If you don't mind spend a nice chunk of change La Bastide near the intersection of Hwy 11 and 24 is in a really interesting building and the food wasn't bad either.

            Never on Sunday is a very small and totally fantastic Greek restaurant on Coffee St off Main downtown. The owners are the chef and wait staff. It's very intimate and pretty and they LOVE kids. The food is homemade from really really fresh ingredients and there's a good variety. It's NOT your typical Greek restaurant. We took our son there for the first time when he was two years old and he still loves it many many years later.

            I do agree that despite being a chain, a child should enjoy the melting pot. No I don't think the food or atmosphere is as good as the ones above but it's not a bad choice.

            One more - Anna's international restaurant on Wade Hamptom Blvd. between Hwy 290 and Hwy 14 on the left past Applebees. This small but very lovely restaurant have a very diverse menu from South American to Italian to great steaks, excellent food and an extremely friendly and helpful staff.

            I would make reservations and go early so you not only don't have to wait but the restaurant will have more time for you and the place won't be overrun with loud adults.

            If I think of any more I'll post later but all of the above should be great food for all of you and more interesting than many for your daughter.