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Mar 14, 2008 06:50 PM

Breakfast and lunch in Mission Bay area-SD

My partner and I will be in San Diego early tomorrow morning for a wedding tomorrow night. Our solo meals will be breakfast and lunch tomorrow. I haven't spent time in San Diego in about 20 years. I've poked around the board here a bit, but since I don't know the adjacent neighborhoods it's hard to tell what's nearby. Help?

We are both omnivorous and enjoy eating any cuisine at any price point--from the $2.50 bahn mi to the French Laundry. Well, okay, we don't want a FL-level meal for tomorrow but really, our main concern is to experience some yummy new restaurants. I hate wasted meals! We will have a car so are mobile, but would prefer not to go on any terribly long treks, since we have to be at the wedding at 4.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Head to Mission Beach and have breakfast at Isabel's Cantina. Really good, but it does get busy on the weekends!

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      Thanks, we will check it out!

    2. The areas directly around the Mission Bay area are Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. Just up the hill is Clairemont and a little to the south is Ocean Beach. I'm not sure what to suggest in Mission Beach, but in PB you've got a few good options. There's Sushi Ota for some fantastic sushi, Rocky's makes one of the better burgers in San Diego, Hoboken for good NY style pizza, or Costa Brava for tapas. If you decide to head up into Clairemont, it opens up a whole slew of Asian cuisine.

      1. The Fishery in Pacific Beach for a great fish lunch. Here is a report when I visited:

        1. Thanks everyone! I missed the last two posts (no access to a computer once we got to SD) so we ended up at Isabel's. The plusses: great service, nice space, gigantic cup of hot water for my tea (teeny tiny tea cups with full sized tea bags are a pet peeve of mine.) Also, my partner got the Soyrizo scramble and they were very accommodating about using tofu instead of eggs (she doesn't like eggs).

          Sadly, we were pretty disappointed with the food. I had the "dragon potatoes" I think they were called. Fried potatoes, black beans, tiny slice of avocado, sour cream, big slices of raw jalapeno and some cheese. Everything was almost completely unsalted, so even with copious additions of salt it was pretty tasteless. Ditto the scrambled eggs that came with. Soyrizo of course is pretty salty as it comes so my partner fared better, but her potatoes were also mostly tasteless. Maybe pancakes and such are the way to go here?

          Anyway, thanks for the suggestion--otherwise we'd've just been wandering around aimlessly, and at least we were able to eat fairly healthy food!