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Searching for Eggs Benedict with Lobster?

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Are there any Manhattan restaurants that serve an eggs benedict with Lobster? (Instead of salmon or canadian bacon).

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  1. Neptune Room it's amazing!!!

    1. Try a food search on menupages.com. I know I've seen it on a couple of restaurant menus.

      1. I saw them recently on the brunch menu at 44 1/2, which is on 10th Avenue between 44th and 45th Streets.

        1. Thalia at 8th Ave and 50th Street. I saw it on $40 a Day.


          1. I think Dos Caminos has lobster eggs benedict on their menu.

            1. I remember Essex and Lure Fishbar having lobster egg benedit. If you like crab, Aquagrill has a crab egg benefit which is also a bit more unconventional compared to salmon and bacon.

              Although not an egg benedict, Upstairs at Bouley has a delcious lobster omelette served at brunch time.

              1. Believe Jane on W. Houston has it- I have had the Benedict Jane which is actually with a crabcake and it was delicious, so I would imagine the lobster benedict would be great too.

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                  Oh yes, Jane does have it. I enjoyed it even though the place feels touristy.

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                    Its called the Lobster Benny at Jane, and its one of my favorites!

                    And I agree with the above poster -- the Benedict Jane (eggs benedict on a crab and crawfish cake instead of an english muffin) is also awesome!