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Mar 14, 2008 06:16 PM

Daniel in River Vale, NJ

My wife and I are planning to go to dinner at Daniel Restaurant in River Vale, NJ. Has anyone been there, and how is it?

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    1. Im going there soon also for an affair.....anyone every been there ?
      cant find a website

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        Don't bother. For a nice experience go 1 1/2 miles south to Harvest Bistro in Closter on Schraalenburgh Rd. Great food and ambience.


      2. My wife and I had dinner here last week and will NEVER go back. My veal marsala was bland and tasteless with not a hing of marsala. Her pan-fried veal was a tasteless greasy piece of veal topped with cold salad. Her pasta had very little sauce. At $18.95 each these dishes were very overpriced. The quality seemed more like a cheap caceteria. The atmosphere suffered from a partially open kitchen with the cooks calling out table numbers. SAVE YOUR MONEY DO NOT GO.

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          1. Don't listen to the nay sayers -- went there for dinner last night and it was great. All four of us loved our appetizers and our entrees. The service was attentive and wonderful and it was super reasonably priced. The space itsself is lovely too -- it has a very Hamptons feeling. Not sure what Woody is talking about, but there is no open kitchen and no one was screaming out anything. The only thing we could hear was the soundtrack playing on the speakers, which was perfect!

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              Been going there since it opened. Great place. Great food. My baby shower was there as well as my mom's 60th birthday party too.