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Mar 14, 2008 05:40 PM

Delivery options for Chinatown

I'm looking for suggestions of good places that will deliver to the Chinatown area (5th and Mass). Any ideas would be much appreciated! I'm looking for all types of food...

thanks in advance!

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  1. Unfortunately, most of the area delivery is just OK Chinese. We live in the area and tend to order delivery from Wok & Roll (sushi and chinese--we stick with the sushi) and Kanlaya (thai). When we have a chinese craving we opt for Chinatown Express for their noodles and dumplings, but note, they do NOT deliver. They're a few blocks away from you, on 6th between G and H. Chop't also offers delivery of their salads, I think with a $10 minimum order (not difficult to meet that minimum).

    1. I too live at 5th and Mass and pickings are slim... we usually just order take-out and walk to either Chinatown Express, Kanlaya (good Thai), or Five Guys, etc. If you must have it delivered then Armand's pizza is Ok, and all the regular pizza chains deliver there as well. So do some Chinese places.

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        I like NY Pizza for delivery in that area. I find their crust to be much better than Armands.

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          NY Pizza delivers that far? Not a true NY pie, but it is about the best crust in town esp. for delivery. if you like feta, get the Greek salad - huge hunk of what tastes like someone's Nana is in back making it herself. worth it for that alone, if you just need some feta, order that, toss the rest and keep the cheese (but as a salad it's good too). also rec the wings, just enough crunch without too much grease. </lowbrow>

          1. re: hill food

            Actually they deliver all the way to Mass Ave up by Union Station. It's been a life saver. I just couldn't take Armands anymore, the not really deep-dish crust and too bready thin crust.

            I too second the Greek Salad.

              1. re: hill food

                Wow--never heard of NY Pizza. Definitely look forward to trying that soon...
                Any other recommendations for items other than pizza and the greek salad? Both work for us, but would be curious about the pastas, appetizers, and other entrees.

                1. re: hill food

                  Thanks! I didn't know about this place and had given up on delivery. I'll definitely check it out. We usually just walk to matchbox and get takeout if we're looking for decent pizza.

                  1. re: epicuriousgal

                    my comments on the crust were in reference to t/o and delivery options, it's not a destination (course though the new Harris Teeter's is opening across the street sometime soon...they say never grocery shop hungry), just a Mom and Pop joint that does a decent job (and with pretty good hours for after a late night at work). beats any of the chains, which I guess is not exactly high praise and they deserve better than that.

                    Can you find better in town? prob. Is it close to true NY style - well what is? their reg. crust is their strong suit, but if you like it cracker-thin STL style they can do that too (just w/o the weird cheese).

                    sandwiches and pasta - eh you could do worse, but to be honest it's been awhile since I've ordered anything beyond pizza/wings/salad/coleslaw. I think the fries are the freezer kind and the onion rings are a flour batter (gotta be cornmeal IMHO).

                    to their credit they've always been reasonably accurate in the delivery time estimate. (and yeah, they keep a customer database - thinking of a thread over in the Topical boards).