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Mar 14, 2008 05:32 PM

Fifty Coins in New Canaan

Fifty Coins opened last night at 26 Locust Avenue in New Canaan, formerly the location of Savvy, and before that Mattie's. Ate there tonight with my DH, Chris, and our son. The guys enjoyed half-pound burgers, prepared perfectly medium rare as ordered, served with lettuce, tomato, blue cheese, bacon and a generous helping of fries. My salad -- seared scallops, mesclun, snow peas and cucumber -- was a disappointment. The three scallops were enormous, but tasteless, as was the side of ginger lime dressing, which our waitress was happy to replace with excellent balsamic vinaigrette. Chris was excited to find a variety of shakes on the menu -- "Yes! Burger, fries and a shake!" -- but found his small glass of chocolate shake anemic, essentially chocolate milk. Two additional caveats: this place does not take reservations, and during the early evening (6:15 - 7:15pm) when we were there, at least half of the guests were children, well-behaved but noisy. The fellow who greeted us at the door said he used to work at Chef Luis -- talk about culture shock! -- and recommended arriving at or after 8pm if you want a more adult experience.

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  1. thanks W. sounds like competition for Gates and TM vesrus Aloi, Sole and BN.

    It will be great to have a burger place back in town.

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    1. re: jfood

      Attention jfood and WendyBinCT:
      "It will be great to have a burger place back in town." Does this mean Cherry Street East is never going to happen? When last we posted it was supposed to be end of January or beginning of February and I have been hating to ask but this seemed liked a good opportunity.

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      1. re: jshap

        CSE is due to open tomorrow 3/17, st. patty's day

        1. re: phil.mccracken

          carved out time in Outlook. Drove by on the way to work, sign still covered. Called around 10AM, no answer. Drats, and jfood heading out of town tomorrow.

          Either CSE or 50coins for a burger on friday.

          1. re: jfood

            Thanks jfood. What is 50coins?

            1. re: jshap

              50 coins is a resto in ridgefield that opened its second location a few days ago where Savvy and Matties used to occupy, directly across from Joes Pizza in New Canaan.


    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I am so disappointed. Tonight, after reading about 50 coins here at chowhound, we decided to give it a shot. We called ahead in the afternoon, knowing that our party of 10 would be difficult to seat, and we didn't want the kids to have to stand around and wait. On the phone, they couldn't ahve been nicer..."we don't usually take reservations, but I will tell them up front. It won't be a problem."

        What does that mean to you? To us, it meant this was a great place, willing to accomodate a large group. Well, we were wrong. They did not hold a table. They offered to seat four of us and let the other six wait for a separate table (they didn't think they would be able to get us all at one table together for about a half an hour).

        We left...and had a great time (and mediocre food) at Tequila Mockingbird. However, they were so accomodating and pleasant, it made it worthwhile.

        I would highly recommend Tequila Mockingbird for a family dinner. I would not recommend starting a new restaurant in the space when 50 coins closes. That spot just seems to be bad luck. (We ate at Savvy too, and mrs gbm had gazpacho spilled in her lap...when we returned for another try, we wished we hadn't).

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        1. re: gbm

          Contrary to what gbm has written, I have yet to find any problems at Fifty Coins. Over the past year or so, I have frequently eaten both with my family or on my own and Fifty has given me no reason to complain.

          In terms of the new restaurant, the food has been phenomenal, the service impeccable, and the atmosphere has been more than welcoming. Due to the popularity of both the Ridgefield location and now its sister restaurant, a slight wait is to be expected which is true of any new place. Due to the quality of food, I don't even consider the wait an "inconvenience" rather a firm building block in my faith of the establishment.

          Given, Fifty can be packed. However, there is nowhere else that you will get such a wide variety of food to choose from and a friendly atmosphere. I will say however, that Fifty Coins is a very much welcomed and appreciated addition to the culinary offerings of New Cannan.

          I don't mean to argue with anyone’s opinion, but I love the place. Give them a try! They won't disappoint.

          1. re: JBM795

            Um, how can you have eaten at Fifty Coins "over the past year or so" when the original post announced its opening a little over 3 months ago (1 month since your post)?

            I, too, would be more than a little aggrieved at a restaurant that just took my reservation for 10 and then ignored it when I showed up.

            1. re: JBM795

              welcome to the tri-state board and FFD county in particular.

              how would you compare FC to theother restaurants in the neighborhood, and hopefully you meant that you have eaten at the r'field location over the past year). From the menu it looks somewhat overpriced and the location has been somewhat of a "bad karma" place overr the last ten years.

              Could you give more detail on what you ate and how it compares so those of us wh have not been there can maybe give it a try.

              FYI - Jfood has yet to meet anyone who has been there that says anything other than "it's an OK burger joint".

            2. re: gbm

              I agree Tequila Mockingbird is a good family place ~ very friendly; food is passable. Haven't been to New Canaan recently, but not surprised to hear Savvy closed. We had a dismal meal there (and terrible service) a month or two after it opened.

              1. re: gbm

                jfood really hopes 50 coins changes the luck of this location. Matties was not very good and Savvy was a train wreck. When someone can state that TM is better, that is a tough statement.

                1. re: jfood

                  I wouldn't go out of my way to go to TM. But it's friendly, family-oriented ~ and the food is passable. It's not trying to be 'cuisine.' Savvy, on the other hand, didn't have anything to recommend it that I could see. Here's hoping (with you) that 50 Coins marks a new direction for the location.

                2. re: gbm

                  So you never actually tried the food at 50 Coins?

                  1. re: jsan356

                    No - and I never claimed to have tried it. I might have gone back to give them a second shot (minus the large group) but (1) no one has given it rave reviews, (2) there are two other burger places in the area that do get rave reviews, and (3) well, honestly, I'm still holding a bit of a grudge for the whole reservation thing.

                    For anyone who is interested, by the way, Cherry Street East and Rory's are the two other places. I have a really hard time deciding which I like better.

                3. I posted on Fifty Coins back in March, but in a separate thread that I named "50 Coins". I think it might be more helpful to have my comments included here, under the resto's proper name. Back then I wrote: "Lots of parking in the back, which is always an issue in N.C. Interior is light, bright (actually, too bright, I could have performed surgery on my burger) and a little sterile; bar in a separate room. There were TV's suspended on opposite corners of the dining room, one tuned to ESPN, the other to ESPN 2, no idea why. It was early, 6 pm, so the place was filled with kids and very noisy--if you aren't bringing kids, I'd definitely wait til a later hour. As for the food, I guess it's basically diner fare in a bit nicer setting, and at New Canaan prices. I had a burger that was just okay (as usual I was asked how I wanted it, I said medium, it came well--I don't think I've had a medium burger in years except at home), sweet potato fries that were crispy but greasy and needed some seasoning; daughter had pulled pork (they also have BBQ ribs) that was decent, with nice mashed potatoes. We shared an okay salad. Portions are very large (in all respects-I think there was half a head of romaine lettuce on my burger). Menu large and varied. I guess I'm somewhat underwhelmed."

                  Since then, we haven't seen any reason to return. Ordinary fare at New Canaan prices in a fairly unappealing setting--no thanks.

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                  1. re: MommaJ

                    I love fifty coins! where else in New Canaan can you drag your kids, not to mention your husband, during the big game/match (the panoramic TVs make this a possibility). Plus, it's not a "greasy spoon" and you can get a decent beer. I am sorry, but Tequilla Mockingbird's food is inedible (which is a shame, because I really love Mexican and I wish I didn't have to go out of town for it)! My only complaint about fifty is the occasional wait, however, with kids or a large group, it pays to go on the early side. I've never had anything but great, fresh (albeit more basic) food at fifty, with the exception of an occasionally overcooked burger.

                    1. re: doots67

                      I agree about Tequila Mockingbird...had it tonight and it had to be the worst meal I ever spent decent money on...chips out of a bad, seemingly pre-made chimichonga's (that werent even crunchy), and my wife's meal was worse than mine...and the salt--they must have loaded up on it....but at least my margarita was decent.