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Mar 14, 2008 05:31 PM

Best (or good) Mex in Boulder/Longmont?

Other than Pupusas (I already know and love Pupusas Sabor). So, where else do you go when the craving hits you? What do you like best at the mexican restaurants you recommend?

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  1. I like Tahona Tequila Bistro (Pearl between 10th and 11th) and Zolo (Arapahoe between Folsom and 28th), which are modern Mexican. My husband likes Juanita's (Pearl closer to 11th) and Ajuua (Broadway side of Table Mesa Shopping Center, just south of the Conoco station), which are more traditional. Efrain's in Lafayette gets high marks for authenticity (it's not Louisville, but it's the next town to the east). For potent margaritas and who-cares? food, there's always the Rio Grande (Walnut and 11th Boulder and several other CO locations).

    1. For traditional, I second the recommendation for Efrains and keep in mind they also have outposts in Boulder and Longmont. We also like Delicioso in Longmont, which now has two locations. Their service can drive you nuts at times, but if you aren't in a hurry they have excellent tamales, burritos, green chile.

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        Thanks for the suggestions! We ended up at Delicioso and it was pretty good. I had carnitas tacos in soft corn tortillas and hubby had a beef and bean burrito.

        There's a Ajuua in Niwot, close to work, so I think that'll be next for lunch.
        I've been to Zolo's and I enjoyed it, but I think I'm looking for something a little more traditional.
        Where in Longmont is the Efrain's?

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          It's at 451 S Pratt Pkwy, just north of Ken Pratt Blvd on the west side. They have extremely good green chile w/ tons of heat. Some dishes we enjoy are the Chile Colorado and the Green Chile Ribs.