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Mar 14, 2008 05:28 PM

Baingain Bharta (indian eggplant dish) - who makes it the best in TO?

I have a huge craving on and off for Baingain Bharta, the indian eggplant dish.

The best I have ever had was in the UK. I went a few restaurants in the London, UK area and would order the dish for myself with some butter naan and I would be in heaven. None of my companions dare take some, I couldn't bear to share. LOL.

For some reason I can't seem to find a really good Baingain Bharta in Toronto. I have tried a few places on Gerrard St and didn't like it at all. Maybe Gerrard St is the wrong place to go.

Do you have any recommendations? I live in Etobicoke but don't mind driving to Markham, Scarborough or Brampton if it means having the best Baingain Bharta in Toronto. Also, its a plus if the place can do take out.


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    The above thread has two different people recommending the one at Trimurti - I haven't had that dish but recommend Trimurti in general.

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      I don't make a point of ordering it frequently, but I did enjoy the baingain bharta at Mela (Avenue Rd. between Lawrence & Wilson) - they do offer takeout.