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Mar 14, 2008 05:08 PM

WIne with Morrocan Lamb Tagine

Help! I need some suggestions for an appropriate wine with my tagine, a little sweet, with honey, almonds and raisons. I am serving it with a side of barbequed eggplant (with a green onion and sesame topping) and marinated raw carrots.

Thanks chowhounds!

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  1. Sp├Ątlese Riesling or Gewurz

    1. There's an excellent thread on this subject... search for Moroccan food and wine and you'll find it...

      Bottom line at a morrocan and wine tasting meal I attended awhile back... the best "universal" matches were pretty clearly riesling and zinfandel. Two other reasonably good connections were Marsanne and a southern rhone red (CdP as I recall)... as for the CdP (and we tried a couple different bottles), I felt the wine itself was more impressive than the food/wine combo with this cuisine.

      But if I can only do two wines, a red and a white, it's zinfandel and riesling here.

      1. A *good*, soft, non-vegetal pinotage would work. (Scali, Spice Route, Bellevue)

        1. I am a fervant believer that the setting and company can elevate wine and wine pairings many notches. The first time we had lamb tangine was three years ago while on vacation in Provence. We were the guests, along with a local couple, at the home of an American they had introduced us to who lives part of the year in St. Remy.

          We brought two differnet bottles of Chateaueuf Du Pape (I do not recall the wineries), and a bottle of 1999 Ch. Dalmeran, a locally produced red (blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon). Maybe because we had been to the winery that afternnon, but surprisingly the Dalmeran was the consensus winner. I do not believe Dalmeran is available in the U.S.

          So, for us the memories of that evening put us on the path of a southern rhone when thinking about lamb tangine. I would suggest you go with ones that do not show a lot of pepper.

          I look forward to your report.

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            Believing that wine and food usually have a cultural and geographic connection (especially when you nothing else to go by!), I tried a Yarden Cab. 2006. Not a stellar wine on its own, it work perfectly with this meal (or so said my wife and she know way more than do I on such matters). I was hoping the common sea between Israel and Morocco would tie it together (in fact one of the recipes was brought to Israel by Moroccan Jews so the connectioon was stronger still). It worked for us. Thanks for the ideas. As an aside, the meal was considered by my wife as amongst the top three I have ever prepared (and I cook often...and at length). The recipes were all from Epicurious. The eggplant was the best any of us had ever tasted.