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Mar 14, 2008 04:09 PM

ideas for leftover mac & cheese?

I have a pot of leftover mac & cheese that I need to jazz up so that it will get eaten. Any ideas?

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  1. alton's recipe for next day mac and cheese toast actually calls for day old mac and cheese:

    and then there's always deep fried mac and cheese balls

    1. add some browned hamburger and onions and tomato sauce.. easy and tasty.

      1. In a pan, sautee chopped onions. Brown some beef, add in chopped green peppers, maybe a diced jalepeno, garlic powder. Mix into mac n cheese. Should do it.

        1. Mix in some chopped chipotles in adobo sauce. It really kicks up the mac and cheese. Topped with garlic crumbs it's another experience entirely. I have to confess that I'm also secretly addicted to deep-fried mac-n-cheese.

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            wow...deef fried mac. how do you do it? just shape into balls and drop?

            1. re: xena1441

              I roll it in a ball, cover with panko and deep fry. Kind of a guilty pleasure.

              1. re: xena1441

                I think it's easier to cut the chilled mac into triangles, flour and bread with seasoned panko, chill and then deep fry. Triangles are also easier to dip into extra cheese or sweet-and-sour sauce.

            2. I like to add diced ham, peas, and a splash of milk while I reaheat it on the stovetop - stir until warm and creamy.