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ideas for leftover mac & cheese?

I have a pot of leftover mac & cheese that I need to jazz up so that it will get eaten. Any ideas?

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  1. alton's recipe for next day mac and cheese toast actually calls for day old mac and cheese:


    and then there's always deep fried mac and cheese balls

    1. add some browned hamburger and onions and tomato sauce.. easy and tasty.

      1. In a pan, sautee chopped onions. Brown some beef, add in chopped green peppers, maybe a diced jalepeno, garlic powder. Mix into mac n cheese. Should do it.

        1. Mix in some chopped chipotles in adobo sauce. It really kicks up the mac and cheese. Topped with garlic crumbs it's another experience entirely. I have to confess that I'm also secretly addicted to deep-fried mac-n-cheese.

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            wow...deef fried mac. how do you do it? just shape into balls and drop?

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              I roll it in a ball, cover with panko and deep fry. Kind of a guilty pleasure.

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                I think it's easier to cut the chilled mac into triangles, flour and bread with seasoned panko, chill and then deep fry. Triangles are also easier to dip into extra cheese or sweet-and-sour sauce.

            2. I like to add diced ham, peas, and a splash of milk while I reaheat it on the stovetop - stir until warm and creamy.

              1. Fry it (optional if you're watching calories), throw in some cut up/shredded heated chicken meat, spices, bell pepper, etc.

                1. I actuallly just frooze a few lunch sized packages to bring to work. In the morning before heading out the door I throw some frozen chopped greens into a container and then the froozen mac and cheese and pretty well defrosted by lunch, it was really good!

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                    put it in the over in a pan with some sliced up sausages or hotdogs mixed in, and maybe some extra cheese shredded on top.

                  2. Fry it up with some bacon, pancetta or ham.

                    1. My mom used to make this when I was little. Leftover mac n cheese, splash of milk, small can of bushes baked beans and cut up hotdogs. It sounds kinda gross but believe me it is good.She called it little angel casarole.

                      1. my mac & cheese is always baked, and I just slice it in big chunks, roll in egg, dip in flour & cornmeal mix, deep fry till golden brown and serve with a cream cheese dipping sauce.

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                          Oh that sounds delicious. I would have to hit the gym for a week after though!

                        2. When I was little, I liked leftover mac&cheese warmed up with a can of tuna mixed in. A little milk or sour cream to creamy it up -- and maybe some peas or spinach.

                          1. Make a savory trifle... slice pieces as suggested in egg and panko, then fry like polenta slices; layer with sliced tomatoes, caramelized onions, and parmesan cheese, then broil so the top gets browned.

                            1. I have a large sized container left of mac and cheese. I also need to make a pasta salad in 3 weeks for a large crowd. Does anyone know if I can re-freeze(It's one of those frozen family size mac and cheeses you get from store in freezer section) it and then use it for the pasta salad?

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                                Hi CookKelley,

                                I wouldn't do it.

                                If it's pasta salad the way I'm thinking of it (a cold salad, usually with veggies) you probably wouldn't want to use mac n cheese for that. The cheese would make it very clumpy compared to mayo or oil based dressing. Best to start with fresh pasta.

                                1. I have been married to my wife of Italian descent for 54 years. I will not eat mac and cheese. I'm sorry but I cannot give you advice about what to do with the stuff.

                                  If you must 'jazz it up' because you will feel guilty by getting rid of it, just add hot sauce to it so it has some flavor.

                                  1. Fix it up nice in a small baking dish and freeze it. Don't worry about the consistency of frozen pasta. There is a mathematical formula that shows diminished concern about pasta consistency to be commensurate with increased need for convenience.

                                    1. I've read about people cooking leftover mac and cheese in waffle irons. Sounds like it would get nice and crisp without the guilt of deep-frying.

                                      1. if its sticky enough form it into balls - dip in egg and breadcrumb and fry - serve with a salad ;)

                                        1. If you're a hot dog lover, add hot sliced, grilled or fried hot dogs. You may need to add a bit more milk to moisten the casserole. Then bake for a bit at 350 degrees. Bread crumb topping is good, too. We had this often as kids.