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Mar 14, 2008 03:59 PM

Halal Gelatin

I am trying to make Jell-O, but I eat kosher. I have been searching everywhere for gelatin that doesn't use pig/pork products in it. Both the Jell-O brand and Knox use pigskin to make their gelatin. I've tried to use fruit pectin, but it left my coconut jello tasting like... well... fruit.

After lots of research I learned that there is halal gelatin, so no pork product; however, I'm having a really hard time finding it in local markets. I live in Campbell... so if anyone knows where I can find this, I would really appreciate it :)

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  1. There is a kosher brand of gelatin called kojel that should be available at most kosher marketplaces or places that have large kosher sections. If you can't find it now, in a few weeks when it gets closer to passover you should be able to find it.

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      If worse comes to worse, you can get it at Amazon

      Besides halal / Kosher gelatin, have you looked into using agar agar which many vegetarians use. It is found at many Asian markets and you could probably get it at a Ranch 99 market.

      I keep meaning to try it, but haven't done so yet.

    2. There are two halal markets on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley. Both are just north of University on the west side of the street. One is called Indus Foods; I don't remember the name of the other. They might have what you're looking for. It's funny, though, I always thought gelatin was made from cow products and I haven't let my son eat jello for fear of mad-cow disease.

      1. I eat almost anything and remember almost everything. Seems I remember that agar agar comes from seaweed and makes a kind of gelatin (used for lab culturing) suitable for vegetarians etc.

        1. I did end up finding some flavored gelatins that were kosher... but they didn't set very well and were more oozy than the firm jello I was going for :(

          I ordered some Halal Gelatin online, but am definitely going to try the agar agar... I'm a bit worried that it'll have a seaweed flavor that goes with it. But won't know until I try :P

          I haven't been able to find Kojel. I've heard of it, but can't find it. If anyone had specific store that they knew carried it, that'd be great, as long as they're not too far away. Driving all the way to Berkeley is a bit far for some gelatin :P

          I'm definitely going to try agar agar soon and will post how it works out :)

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            Though I haven't used agar agar, the Chinese and vegan desserts that I've tried that use it haven't tasted of seaweed. Looking forward to your update. I get the feeling that agar agar sets more firmly than gelatin, so you might need to experiment with the amount used.

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              Dear Malia,
              I strongly recommend agar agar. It tastes nothing and sets very well. Use about 1 gram per cup of liquid. First soak the powder for 5 min in 1/4 cup max. Then microwave shortly to melt the powder and obtain a gel, then mix the hot gel with you hot liquid (3/4 cup of sweetened stawberry juice for instance).
              You can buy it at, cooking section.
              It is MUCH healthier than kojel.
              Question for you folks: where can I find Kosher Agar? Or does such seaweed used in such small amount really need Kosher certification?
              Thanks for any help.

            2. Kosher/halal getatins tend to be more...ahhh..."watery". Agar Agar sets firm! its my gelatin of choice...with the only flavor being the one you put in it. GL!