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Mar 14, 2008 03:58 PM

Show Stopping Sauce for Beef Tenderloin

hi. so sunday is my best friend's birthday and i am cooking for eight people of her choosing and i want to make something special. i picked up an absolutely gorgeous beef tenderloin today which i would like to roast whole. anyone have any ideas for a lovely sauce to go with this - preferably do ahead - so i can have a few glasses of wine whilst putting the rest of the meal together (roasted asparagus, roasted cherry tomatoes with thyme, garlic mashed potatoes and a greens/beet salad witha citrus vinaigrette).

thanks for any help you might be able to give me,

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  1. I've used this recipe and received many compliments on it. You can do ahead and reheat.

    I think it would work well with your menu.

    1. How about a bearnaise sauce? For fun presentation, you could serve it in broiled mushroom caps so that each diner could have an individual sauce "boat."

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        Bearnaise is always show stopping delicious! I always go to "The Joy of Cooking" recipe for instructions and it works every time!

      2. It was totally unconventional, but I just used a habanero pineapple dipping sauce (store bought) for a glaze on beef tenderloin to rave reviews. I served it with broiled pineapple. I think everybody liked it because it was unexpected.

        1. Sorry, don't have a recipe (but I am sure there is one out there!) I have made a blue cheese horseradish sauce for beef tenderloin. Delicious!

          1. Believe it or not- Costco Connection Magazine (Dec 07) or (Nov 07) had a Tenderloin bbq'd with a blue cheese sauce that is FANTASTIC! Please check their web site for exact information.

            If I am correct, it is heavy cream put to simmer, and then add some blue cheese.

            I swear it is like a hollandaise- just a Tablespoon or 2 on a few slices of meat- to die for! Since Xmas, we have bbq'd 6 or 7 tenderloins and recreated the meal to enjoy.

            Enjoy your glass of wine!

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            1. re: JalamaMama

              "If I am correct, it is heavy cream put to simmer, and then add some blue cheese.

              I swear it is like a hollandaise"

              I can only assume you mean in terms of texture or awesomeness and not flavor, correct? :-)

              1. re: Dmnkly

                Like a hollandaise in that it is rich and creamy, and divine. Like hollandiase in that you need a scant amount to inhance the yum in each and every bite.

                Not like hollandaise I make to put on eggs benedict, no.

                I searched Costco site, but it is not on there...the BEST tenderloin sauce I have had.

                1. re: JalamaMama

                  I think this is it. Sounds so simple, and perfect. I'll have to try it really soon.