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Mar 14, 2008 03:53 PM

Top Chef Cook Book: your take

On Top Chef on Wednesday there was an ad for the new Top Chef Cook Book that incorporates (only) a hundred recipes from the first three seasons as well as stuff about the chefs.
Are the recipes dumbed down?
Specifically are they dumbed down like some of the recipes on the bravo site where I see a picture of this wonderful dish with at least twelve ingredients and find a recipe with four ingredients, cooked quickly.
Is this a must buy or a borrow from library for a home cook who's trying to broaden her recipe rotation?

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  1. I don't watch the show. I've never seen or heard of the book, so I probably shoud keep my mouth shut! However; based on experience...Don't waste your money!

    1. I like the show Top Chef, but a cookbook of their recipes holds no appeal for me. Although some of the food on the show looked appealing, not once did I have the urge to get a recipe.

      1. The recipes are definitely not dumbed down, and they're not at all the same as the ones on the Bravo site, which were basically just random notes as far as I could tell and often had very little to do with the dish itself. All of the dishes can be made in a regular home kitchen (I've done half of them myself as a recipe tester), but it's true that many of them would be difficult to pull off on, say, a hurried weeknight. It's mostly, with a few exceptions, dinner-party or special-occasion food (not really "rotation" stuff—unless you throw a lot of parties!), and a few of the recipes pretty much require that you have someone helping you out in the kitchen. If you're interested in trying something a little off the wall or more challenging than you might be used to, I'd say this is a surprisingly good book to check out, especially if you liked the show and the food looked appealing to you. All that about special-occasion food said, there are several dishes that I've made several times (off the clock, that is) just because they were good and relatively easy and kind of special.

        Uncle Bob, I have no idea why you'd feel compelled to post on this thread. Is there a specific reason you would suggest to shallots that the book is not worth the money? What experience are you referring to?

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          For the same reason you felt compelled to post on this thread. To offer my "take" (opinion) to the OP's question. Is there is specific reason you feel compelled to question or challenge that right???? What is your agenda/motive??? After reviewing countless books of this genre, I find most not to be worth the money, or the paper they are written on to the consumer.


        2. I have only tasted food from two of the chefs on the show. It was not immpressive at all. Lots of those people on Top Chef look like hacks sometimes.