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Mar 14, 2008 03:36 PM

Cafe Josie vs.Jezebel?

What is your favorite dish at these two places?

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  1. Josie: Pepita Redfish
    Jezzy: braised lamb or the foie gras

    These are pretty different venues, why are you linking these two?

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    1. re: Paul Silver

      by the way, thanks for responding, seems to be a slow week on this board

    2. I haven't been to either one but they are both on my list and I have a birthday dinner coming up. Since I didn't know enough about either one, I'd thought I'd decide by which dish sounded best. Guess it's my version of roulette!


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        I think the Jezebel is a league above Josie. Josie is nice, and the food is decent, but nothing more. The inspiration is limited, while Jezebel has a much deeper repertoire.

        1. re: moosy

          What do like to order at Jezebel?

          1. re: amykragan

            For appetizer: "Trio of sashimi (ahi [tuna], Norwegian salmon and Alaskan halibut) in sesame seed oil and pepper vinegar"

            Entree: "
            Succulent ten hour slow braised Colorado lamb shank
            with spiced sweet potatoes and pomegranate – tamarind glaze"

            I do like " Dark French chocolate and dried spice crusted Atlantic salmon, mashed potatoes, greens, with garlic and caper infused olive oil" though I know people who find the chocolate overwhelming.

            Last time I was there I had a surf and turf special which was excellent.

            Dessert: The warm bread pudding of pumpkin is very good.

            I know people who hate Jezebel, something in the atmosphere, the service, the ambiance, the sauces just doesn't sit well with them. Though the majority of friends and colleagues I know like the place a lot.

            I do regret the good old days when it was BYOB...