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Mar 14, 2008 03:29 PM

Tea for Two coming to Cedarhurst?

I heard that Tea for Two will be coming to Cedarhurst where Occasions is currently located. A nice addition of an excellent dairy/sushi restaurant, located on the main strip.

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  1. MartyB, thanks for posting the T42 info. I am not sure that I understand the logic of opening of a restaurant that serves a menu that is similar to both Pescado and Bari. IMO, the opening of a 5 Towns branch of their T Fusion Steakhouse would seem to make more sense (Yes, I know that Bistro is in the 5 Towns already).

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    1. re: moonlightgraham

      My daughter really likes their sushi and travels to their Brooklyn location for it(!) Whenever we as a family want a good fish place we go to their Brooklyn location as well. For some reason we never tried Pescado or Bari, maybe their names threw us off thinking that it must be very expensive, not that Tea for Two is such a bargain. I am mostly a steak person anyway and go mostly to Bistro Grill in Woodmere when I want the good stuff, if not then I mostly go to Traditions.

    2. In page 4 of the current issue of the 5 Towns Jewish Times Tea for Two has an ad, it states "Please visit our Tea for Two locations" one of the listed locations is "Tea for Two 5 Towns" 564 Central Ave Cedarhurst. Does that mean that the Cedarhurst location is open?

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      1. re: MartyB

        I drove by today. 564 Central Ave is where Occasions was located. There was a building permit in the window. Hopefully it will be open soon.

        1. re: brunodavid

          I would assume so, why else would they advertise in the 5 Towns Jewish Times and include the Cedarhurst listing.

          Now if only Grill Point would open - a half a year is long enough for a hole in the wall location.

      2. Tea for Two is definitely opening in Occasions- heard it from the owner himself.