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Mar 14, 2008 02:45 PM

Reliable source for spices

My current supply of ground coriander is new and has taught me the importance of buying quality spices since it already smells flat. Half of it comes from the bulk food store on Bloor West, and the other half is the Suraj brand from Loblaws. The package I had before was purchased at a fish store in Cabbagetown, where I used to live four years ago and it still smelled bright and summery right until I used the last of it. Any suggestions for a reliable source of quality spices without paying a premium?

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  1. i buy whole coriander and cumin seeds from the indian store and then roast and grind them in small quantities. helps keep the flavor true.

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    1. re: foodwich

      Unfortunately, that's not realistic with the long hours I work.

      1. re: missmu

        It only takes a few seconds in a coffee grinder, and as you are price conscious, grinding seeds is cost effective, and fresher.

    2. Have you visited House of Spice in Kensington Market? All the spices you could want and good turnover on most.

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        I really like House of Spice, pretty much everything is there, good quality and reasonable prices.

      2. I purchase all my spices at either an Indian or Oriental market. My favorites are India Town Food Centre, Al Marwa Supermarket, Oriental Food Centre and Oriental Harvest. All are located on Dundas in Mississauga. The price, quality and selection of spices blows away any of the major supermarkets.

        1. Spice Trader on queen is good, very fresh, great selection. Also, Kohinoor Foods in little India