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Mar 14, 2008 02:36 PM

Portable Gas Grill

I live in an apartment and while I am not *really* supposed to have a grill, I am going to get a portable one to grill on my porch (It's a concrete porch, I live on the ground floor, and I'm very safety conscious).

The requirements are a portable, propane grill that can sear the hell out of a steak.

I have located a few that seem pretty good, albeit expensive. Does anyone have any experience with these grills?

Napoleon Freestyle Infrared

Jackson Versa

Solaire Anywhere

Texas Sizzler Jr

Weber Q

I think the Weber Q might be a little bit underpowered for what I want it to do.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I got the Weber Baby Q as a "starter" grill, when I lived in an apartment, and I've been pretty happy with it. I mounted it onto a wheeled cart (they also make a wheeled tote bag for it, I think). If you're an experienced griller, it may not be for you, but I've cooked vegetables, chicken (boneless and bone-in), fish, and various steaks successfully. There's no zoned temperature control, though, there's just one knob for the entire grill. The best you can do is try to squeeze things over to the side. But for the price, around $100, it's been pretty decent. Perhaps the others are more sophisticated, and pricier.

      Get an adapter and you can connect the 20lb propane. It gets very hot- you can read about it on bbqsource forums I think it is. Google the grill for a better idea on the forum. Folks have pics of food there.

      1. Get one of the Coleman tabletop camping grills. Works great for small meals, doesn't take up much space, and is easilly stored away. I have cooked tons of things on mine, from freshly hunted quail and duck to filet mingnon and burgers.

        1. I own a Solaire Anywhere. Want it? If there's any kind of little breeze it won't stay lit. Wrote and called Rassmussen about it and they basically said, yeah they know about the problem.

          It's brand new except for one cooking on a day without a breeze.

          The Weber Q works great, but doesn't flavor the food as well as some of the others because it doesn't have anything like flavor bars or briquettes beneath the cast iron cooking surface. It is handy, though.

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            I am interested in getting a Solaire Anywhere for my boat (where there's usually always a breeze) but more importantly I'd appreciate more information about what Rassmussen had to say about your problem and what they'll do about it? I haven't heard of any 'negative' feedback so is your case isolated?

            1. re: ematty

              Rassmussen did NOTHING for me. I called the mfg and the woman who answered the phone said that "she'd heard that."

              Still no help.

              I gave it to my brother who can make it work for him. He's going to build a wind block. That shouldn't have to be done.