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Mar 14, 2008 02:26 PM

Foodie Visit- Southern Vermont 5th Anniversary

Where to stay, want private with lots of woods, great food. What restaurants ideas, local farms, cheese makers, honey makers and great bakeries. Love wholesome and ethnic foods. We went last year to mostly Central Vermont loved it but want a change. This will be in the summer. Thanks very much.

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  1. Here are some of my favorites:

    Sheep's milk cheese (Putney) - really fantastic cheese; get a jar of the cherry preserves from France as well and eat them together. The *best* dessert.

    Honey - There are several honey apiaries in VT, but I haven't been to them. Mostly they sell their honey through local co-ops.

    Co-op Shopping/Food - Everyone will recommend the Brattleboro co-op, however, I recommend Putney's. They have tons of local products, their produce is superior and the deli is really, really good. They also feature bulk and jarred local honey and also mead and sparkling mead made from honey (yum!).

    Pies/Bakery - I recommend Grandma Miller's in S. Londonderry. Do a search on Chowhound for it. So worth the drive; the best pies.

    Food - Brunch at the Front Porch Cafe in Putney is fantastic. They also do Friday evening dinners and Mon-Sat breakfast and lunch. Very quaint decor and good food. They make everything themselves - from the jam to the sandwich meat; they also buy from local farms/growers.

    J. D. McCliment's Pub in Putney is a really great pub with very good food. Prime rib on Friday's a 3 course prix fixe menu on Saturdays and a pub menu always.

    There are tons of local farms as well:
    The link above is of So. VT farms that are also B&Bs. You can search the site also for all farms in general.

    My favorite apple picking places are Scott Farm in Dummerston and Green Mtn Orchards in Putney.

    There are tons of places to stay, but since I live here, I don't have any experience or knowledge of what they're like. There are tons of restaurants in Brattleboro as well that are great. Do a chowhound search of Brattleboro to see other food recs.

    Enjoy your visit!

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    1. re: Bri

      Bri; Thank you very much for the ideas!

      1. re: nbermas

        You're welcome! Here's a link to b&b's in Putney and Brattleboro. The Beckwood one actually has walking trails through the woods. I've visited the Hickory Ridge House when friends stayed there and it was really charming, but the owners at the time were awful. It is under new ownership/management now, so hopefully more friendly.

    2. Having a home in Newfane I spend a lot of time in southern Vermont. I agree about Vermont Shepherd cheeses. As you enter the driveway, there's a little shack that has a small refrigerator containing different sizes of their cheeses. You simply choose the ones you want and leave your money. There's even a container with money in it to take your change.

      Grafton cheese in Grafton is another good place for cheese. They're in the process of opening another location on Route 30 in Brattleboro.

      As for restaurants I highly recommend Peter Havens in Brattleboro. Newfane has a cozy little place on Route 30 called Rick's Tavern. They offer a variety of dishes from soup to nuts. On Thursdays there's live Jazz and Fridays they have their all-you-can-eat fish fry for $10.95 The fish is shipped in fresh from Boston. It's lightly battered and perfectly cooked. They also offer Otter Creek and Wolaver's micro brews. Going more upscale there's The Four Columns Inn in Newfane. I could go on but I'll stop for now so I can get some work done.

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      1. re: Jimmy Cantiello

        jimmy cantiello; We stay at the Four Columns Inn last year and loved it. We might go back for a night but want to try another place. There food was good also. Any other suggestions and thanks for the suggestions.

        1. re: nbermas

          Another good place to eat in Brattleboro is Max's which is located on Route 5 across from Hannaford supermarket. In my experience they have good food and good service. On occassion they come up with unusual specials. It's a very accomodating establishment.

          1. re: Jimmy Cantiello

            Sorry Jimmy but Max's closed last month. The new owners combined with the location did them in.
            You may want to look in the Deerfield Valley, there are some excellent restaurants such as Inn at the Sawmill Farm and the Deerhill Inn. Both are expensive but well worth it.

            1. re: RichK

              Wow, sorry to hear that. I have to admit, the location is terrible. It's very easy to drive right by even if you're looking for the place! I remember when that location was Michele's which moved out and set up shop in Keene, New Hampshire.

        2. re: Jimmy Cantiello

          Wow! I can't believe Rick's Tavern is still extant. We rented in the village of Jamaica from the mid 70s to the mid 80s when we went to Hawk Inn & Mountain Resorts....which I would recommend, BTW. For us Rick's was just so so and more often than not, unacceptable, but back then there were very few aternatives in that area. I do concur with the Grafton recommendation, though. In fact, The Old Tavern at Grafton is a charming inn...the entire village is like a Currier and Ives etching.

          1. re: Gio

            There's been a new owner of Rick's since 2002. I think Rob has managed to bring the joint up a notch or two. I'm not claiming that Rick's is any kind of culinary mecca but they put out a decent meal in a roadhouse kind of way. Good burgers and fish, good specials and a laid back atmosphere. The place is frequented by mostly locals. And it doesn't hurt that it's located about a one and a half minute drive from our house.