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Mar 14, 2008 02:19 PM

LaRocco's Pizzeria in Huntington Beach?

I've been informed that LaRocco's Pizzeria in Huntington Beach on Main St (across from the pier) serves good NY style pizza and plan on checking out the place soon. Any comments on their pizza? Thanks!

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  1. When it first opened I ate a few slices there and felt that better NY-style pizza slices could be found at Al's NY Pizza in Newport Beach (not far from Pch on Irvine/17th St.) or Taste of NY Pizza in Seal Beach on Main St. close to the pier. But LaRocco's has been in that location for a number of years now, so maybe they're doing something good and I may give them another chance.

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      I think La Rocco's is just OK. I have to agree with HBfoodie that Al's in Costa Mesa is so much better. I haven't yet tried Taste of NY in SB, but I will shortly.
      My biggest gripe against LaRocco was that the restaurant is not clean and the hygenic practices of the stoner kids that work there leave alot to be desired. And, again, the pizza was just OK.

      If you're in HB and don't want to drive to Al's (though it's worth it!) try Nonna Lucci's on Beach for excellent thin crust pizza. Cheap too. A 16" cheese pie is only $7.99.

    2. OMG!!! This pizza is ORGASMIC!!! I ate there last weekend for the first time, after hearing about this place & I was NOT disappointed! I happen to love thin, crispy-crust pizza, and this is about the best I have had in, like....FOREVER! Most places with thin-crust pizza are soggy and, well, BLECH--not this place. After being taunted for a month by a friend in Canada about his wife's homemade pizza, hearing about the fab pizza he was eating every day almost, and drooling over the IDEA of pizza, I got a real jones for the stuff. Kept promising him I was gonna' go to this place & check it out after hearing rave reviews about it. When I FINALLY made it down there (after a month of obsessing over it), I ordered two slices of the pizzas in the display case. One was a white--i.e. no sauce, just cheese & I think some sort of aioli or something--pizza w/mushrooms & artichokes, and the other slice was fresh oregano & fresh tomato w/sauce. BOTH were EXCELLENT. They heat the slices up in the oven for you when you order out of the case, and there are usually about 8 different pizzas in it to choose from . You can also order whole pizzas, whatever kind you want. The great deal about this place is that you get 2 slices for about $5.50--and they're big slices. You can also get this special with a drink for about .50 more.

      I was SO overjoyed to find that this pizza was everything I love about thin-crust, crispy pizza and was expecting about this place. Would have been heartbroken if it had been any other way. The crust is a little greasy, which is also the way I LOVE it. And the guys who make it are great--I think it must be a family-owned place. Very friendly & accommodating. Another thing about it is that they make the crust & everything fresh & pretty much from scratch, and when the dough is gone--that's it. No more pizza for that day--you gotta' come back the next. It's fresh, it's crispy--it's AMAZING! If you love crispy thin-crust pizza, you gotta' check this place out! It's right on the PCH around the corner from Main Street--it's misleading to say it's on Main Street, because actually, it's next to Jack's Surfboards on PCH--you can look across the street at the ocean. Wonderful---go get some!

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        Evidently La Rocco's has another location in San Clemente as mentioned in this prior thread. I noticed that one of the hounds who responded here also mentioned a couple of other places in Huntington Beach that they liked even better than La Rocco's (in case you might want to try out some other places for thin crust in HB).

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          Is this related to LaRocco's on Main Street in Culver City? Because I had lunch at M Cafe de Chaya on Sunday and parked outside LaRocco's and it smelled DIVINE.

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            Good question. I haven't done a google search on LaRocco's yet, but if I when I do so I'll come back and share what I find out (if anything) on that issue.

            Add: After a fast run through of the various google pages I would say it's not connected. There seems to be a plethora of La Rocco's, LaRocco's and Rocco's out there (a law suit by the Italian-American Defamation League may be in order!).