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Mar 14, 2008 02:11 PM

Table 10 - Palazzo (Las Vegas)

It is fun having visitors in Las Vegas - with a relative in town for a convention it led to some outstanding evenings this week. Omakase at Sen of Japan one night, and a wonderful spread at Lotus on another. So when it was suggested that we change the pace and go for some "comfort food" on the last night, it seemed like the ideal opportunity to give Table 10 a try. And the food hit the target. While there is nothing terribly adventurous about the menu, which is not what they are aiming for anyway, the execution of the dishes and the quality of the ingredients came awfully close to their mission statement. Kudos to the kitchen, and the vendors that they are working with.


A reservation for 8:30 had us seated at 9:05. The first appearance of a server was at 9:12. A glass of wine ordered at 9:15 arrived at 9:35, four minutes after the first appetizer reached the table (the food was brought by different servers than the drinks), and at no time was I asked if I would like another glass, even though when the entree's arrived there was not much left. Two empty water glasses sat for a long time, before being re-filled.

This all came as a surprise. While Emeril Lagasse tends to be either a "Love/Hate" for many, the one thing that we had been impressed with in the past were the service standards at his restaurants. This night did not seem to be a case of the staff being disinterested or lazy, but rather overmatched. My dining partner and I were trying to come up with a good comparison, and since he lives in rural Virginia he came close - "Applebee's on a Friday Night".

This raises a rather serious question - with so many new upscale restaurants opening in such a short period of time, is Las Vegas falling behind in being able to properly staff the venues?

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  1. Funny. We had a completely different experience there last Saturday night. We had a 8 p.m. reservation and were seated immediately. In fact, there were quite a few empty tables. Our waiter explained that he as well as 3 other waitstaff would be taking care of us.We never lacked for someone pouring water, bringing more biscuits, asking if we needed something. We sat in one of the rooms adjacent to the main dining room. We didn't think it was very attractive---the main dining room seemed to have better atmosphere. I had the gumbo which was good--not great--and the pork which was one of the best pork dishes I have ever tasted. My husband had the tartare trio of tuna, salmon and hamachi with three sauces. He enjoyed the salmon and hamachi but, while the tuna was good he had eaten better elsewhere He had the Grilled Atlantic Salmon which was served over homemade chorizo sausage and tortilla hash, fire roasted corn and tortilla relish and corn coulis The salmon was good, not great, but the hash was delicious.I had the pork loin with Calvados rosemary reduction sauce from the rotisserie It was one of the most flavorful pork dishes I have ever eaten. I would highly recommend it. None of the desserts sounded that good to us and, as we had seen the gelato in the Lilly espresso bar downstairs, we decided to go there fror dessert instead. Outstanding gelato! Would we go back to Table 10? Probably not. While our service was great, the food was very good but not outstanding.

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      I am usually an Emeril fan - having loved my 2 visits to Delmonicos and Nola. If you had to choose between Delmonicos and Table 10, which would you choose? Also, I am curious about the Lobster Pot Pie. How does it stand against Michael Mina's in terms of taste, size and price?

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      1. I went to Table 10 about a month after your post and had strikingly similar service. The food was just ok, the service was something very different. My escargot was on the salty side and my wife's lobster bisque had no lobster in it. Even a few bits for garnish would hace been nice. My jumbalaya was all over the place. The pasta was under cooked and the sausage was over cooked. My wife's ribeye was fabulous,the only high point of the meal. I passed on dessert. Where your water glasses were re-filled, mine sat empty. My glass of wine didn't show till I was done with my entree'. My server was MIA and never saw her after the main course was delivered. A different server brought the check. I spoke to a manager and was offered an weak apology and sent on my way. I've written 3 letters to Emerils Homebase and have yet to recieve a reply. I love Emeril's Miami beach and have been back there many times. Needless to say I'll not be visiting Table 10 on my next trip to Vegas. There are far too many choices in Vegas to waste one here again.