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Mar 14, 2008 02:10 PM

UWS Brunch Help


I am unfamiliar with the UWS but it's a meeting place for my friend and I. We are looking for a place to have brunch to sit and chat. Not expensive or fancy and somewhere we won't have to wait for an hour for a table and it's so loud we can't talk.

We will be going tomorrow (saturday) at 1pm. Brunch/Lunch menu would be great.

Thanks for any help!

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    1. Neptune Room, Amsterdam between 84th and 85th.

      1. I recommend Ocean Grill on Columbus between W78th & W79th. Delicious brunch and they take reservations - even for small parties.

        1. Thank you everyone for the great suggestions!

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            i like gabriella's on 95 and columbus. jackson hole on 86?

            Popover Cafe
            551 Amsterdam Ave, New York 10024
            At 86th St

          2. Not sure if they still do but Cafe Arte (73rd b/w Columbus and Bway) used to serve unlimited champagne, bellinis, mimosas, bloody marys etc with their brunch, and the food was decent too. Nice way to spend a weekend morning =)