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Mar 14, 2008 01:44 PM

Oysters in Cleveland?

Have been to Blake's on the west side and Mitchell's on the east side. Need a place to find some decent oysters. Any suggestions?

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  1. I've had the same prob. trying to find a restaurant that serves good ones. Hopefully your question will result in some good suggestions. In the meantime I've bought good ones at the West Side Market. So whenever I get a craving I just go to the market get a dozen and open them up at home.

    Good Luck

    1. Pacific East frequently has kumamotos. Moxie always has oysters. I don't pay any attention during that portion of the recitation of the specials so I can't say what kinds they've had in the past. Their fish is always fresh so I'd wager that their oysters are reliable, too.

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        Thanks. I never even thought of Moxie.

      2. I would not buy oysters at the place in the back at the west side market that tapes them shut (the horror!) so you do not know if they are alive or dead until you get home . I am not sure of you are looking for upscale places with many varieties or just any fresh oyster place. there is a casual place downtown called the Nauti Mermaid. Their oysters have always been fresh-they only have one kind, although it varies (seemed to be east or gulf coast varieties). They used to have a 50 cent oyster night but you may want to check first. They were always very good, although I have not been there is over a year. Lolita in Tremont has had them from time to time as well. Maybe Blue Point Grill is an option?

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          Interesting comment on the taped oysters. I thought they did this on farmed oysters to insure they were not contaminated in any way. Just a wild guess on my part and not based on anything solid. I never liked to see that myself, but had no good reason for my objection. The interesting part is it seems this practice has been discontinued since it has probably been a good year or so since I have seen this. I can't remember seeing it at the WSM but had seen it at Euclid Fish. I wonder whether anyone is actually doing this anymore?

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            Lyn, I read a post you made a while ago about food in the BVI. Can you recommend any good food guides there (locals, taxi drivers, etc.)? we are looking for something off the beaten path.

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              I should probably redirect to that thread.
              Sadly I know little more than what I posted. I hope to go back soon.

          2. MCCORMICK AND SCHMICKS may be a chain, but they have lots of oyster variety and a bargain happy hour for them to boot in the bar area. at least they do in the ny & seattle outlets i've been in -- i've never been in cleveland's, but i'd imagine they are all pretty much alike. best of all the happy hour repeats again later at night. give'm a try when you need an oyster fix.

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              I've had some yummy champagne poached oysters at 2182 in Brecksville. Their menu changes, so I don't know if they always do that.

            2. I know there are a few fish places at the West Side Market - I've gotten oysters at Kate's there, it is in the back but they've never been taped shut. They've always been good and fresh!

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                I was not referring to Kates, rather the place even further back past the fhalafil stand.