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Mar 14, 2008 01:20 PM

Buttercream Frosting Question?

I have been in search of an answer about refrigerating buttercream frosting. I would like to know if your items need to be refrigerated after frosting. I am going to be baking almond cupcakes with buttercream frosting, and I do not want to leave them out and they spoil.

It seems that everywhere I look I find multiple recipes for buttercream, some with cooked egg and some with just milk. (Both of which I know need to be regfrigerated) Yet no information on storage after you frost your items. Most just reference refrigerating while they are using the frosting so it doesn't melt.

If anyone can offer me some information that would be great!!!

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  1. I always refrigerate, but I'm not sure it is necessary. Just seems safer to me.

    1. I refrigerate too - just make sure you allow time for the cakes/frosting to come to room temp. before you want to eat . . . .

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        Good point. I hate when I order dessert when I'm out and it comes out cold.

      2. I was actually watching a Food Network or Martha Stewart (can't recall which one) special a few weeks ago on wedding cakes, and the baker made a traditional egg-based buttercream which he left at room temp overnight. So go figure. Perhaps when they are cooked by the hot syrup and enmeshed with sugar the eggs are safe.

        Could you make it day-of? I'd look this up online too. Or call a local bakery.

        1. When I worked in a bakery we did not refrigerate cakes, frosted or not. The only exceptions were wedding cakes, which needed to be made well ahead of time and last hours before serving.

          1. If you're going to serve the cupcakes within four-six hours, the buttercream icing will be fine at a cool room temperature. However, if they will not be utilized until later, it is best to refrigerate them until about an hour or two before serving. Hence, the buttercream (whatever recipe you're using) should soften to the appropriate consistency before the cupcakes are consumed.