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Mar 14, 2008 01:16 PM

Duck a l'Orange in Chicago

Had any good Duck a l'Orange recently?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. This is in no way an answer, but No, I haven't!

      What a shame!

      I'm searching metromis and just not finding that many hits-
      Mon Ami Gabi on Tuesdays...
      Froggy's in Highwood...
      Le Titi de Paris doesn't have it this season, but might be our best hope!

      Most of the French restaurants I looked at seemed to have duck on the menu, but I just couldn't fined a real a l'orange in the bunch!

      Post back if you find a winner!

      1. The decline of traditional French cuisine (as reported in Crain's Chicago Business 18 months ago - ) is one big reason why it's not that common any more. And I suspect a lot of the French bistros/restaurants feel that they can be creative by making a duck dish different from the conventional l'orange.

        If you're open to other duck preparations, and you ever get to southwest Michigan, the very best duck dish I have ever had in my entire life was the cocoa spiced crusted duck - coconut scallion corn cake, pan seared breasts, pomegranate syrah reduction - at Everyday People Cafe in Douglas, near Saugatuck. You can read the detailed report of my dinner there at

        1. I used to really like it at Brasserie Jo, but I guess it's not on the menu any more. Has anyone tried the roasted duck "with orange reduction" at Le Bouchon?

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            I have it every time I go to Le Bouchon. It's quite delicious. It is listed as a "special", but it always seems to be on the specials list. It is served as a whole duck for two and it's about $17per person or so. I haven't had it for a while but it usually comes with wild rice and some vegetables. If you go on a Monday, wines are 1/2 price and the list has some interesting and fairly priced things.

          2. Yeah, I had the Peking Duck a l'Orange at Friendship Chinese restaurant last week. I get it there every time. I ask for a little red pepper flakes with it; so it's got a little heat with the sweet and salty. Granted, it's not french, but it's really freakin good.