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Mar 14, 2008 12:54 PM

Good Caterer, Merrimack Valley or Southern NH

Looking for simple catering job, maybe even BBQ. Any opinions on Celebrations Distinctive Catering? Could be 200+ guests so I want to start with a minimal price point just in case this gets out of hand, grow the menu if I find the number is lower then expected.

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  1. Friend of mine used Party Connections, I think they're in Methuen. The food and presentation was excellent.

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    1. re: treb

      Yes, Party Connection is a great choice. Tasted them in action a few times, great stuff.
      Another one that comes to mind is Simply Elegant Catering out of Haverhill. I've been to a few good sized events they have catered too.

    2. I just left a birthday party catered by Lenzi's in Dracut. Mostly hor's douvres, but good food and good service. This was held at the Whistler House in Lowell - probably too small for 200+. Lenzi's, however has their own function hall on Rt 110 in Dracut.

      In the summer, how about Grillin on the River by Cobblestones behind the Tsongas Arena?

      1. Try Two Chefs are Better than one in Lowell. They do an amazing job and are very friendly!

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          ooooh, they just won the soup competition during Winter Fest didn't they?? Loved their soup/chowder.