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Mar 14, 2008 12:40 PM

Nutter Butter

Does anyone know where I could find chocolate covered Nutter Butter cookies? I heard they exist, but have not seen them. I am on the westside, but I seem to recall hearing of a place in Hunnington Beach that makes them.

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  1. I actually just saw them at the Pavillions on near the intersection of Jefferson and Sawtelle in Culver City. They are away from the regular nutter butters in the cookie section on the top shelf...

    Yes, I memorized the location because it took all my will power to walk away from them...


    1. Not what you're looking for, but I did see that Fat Burger has a Nutter Butter shake. So, if you're a nutter butter freak, it might appeal to ya :)

      1. Big Lots in West LA on National right before it closed down carried them. I got the feeling they weren't selling that well at regular stores, so you might want to try other Big Lots or 99 cent stores.

        I bought them because I love Nutter Butters and I love chocolate. They weren't that great--too sweet and gritty. Taste wise, they're almost indistinguishable from a Butterfinger. No, make that an old Butterfinger that's been in the pantry for a year that you eat because you're desperate for candy. I think if the chocolate had been smoother and of higher quality, it could have been a winner. As it was, it tasted like the cheap trashy junk it was :(

        1. I saw them at Vons in Glendale.... Note that they were on the top shelf (next to chocolate-covered Oreos)... NOT with regular Nutter Butters.

          Coupled with the Pavilions sighting above, I'd be willing to guess that you should be able to find them at most Vons/Pavilions.

          1. Sailor, I just saw them at the Pavillions here in Santa Monica. It was the one on Montana/Lincoln, with the rest of the cookies.