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Mar 14, 2008 12:39 PM

Display Stands

Help! I am hosting my best friend's engagement party and I just found out that her mother refuses to come unless it feels "very classy." We already decided not to go with a caterer for various reasons, and after discussing with my friend what in g-d's name her mom means by classy, I enlisted a bunch of my friends to help cook (we are going very country-club with the appetizers...oy vey) and buy wine, champagne, etc. However, I want everything to look its best, and I know that the stuff I own is not going to cut it with her mother. I want to find some really nice looking display stands for the food and have no idea where to start looking. I saw mirrored ones at a wedding once and thought that might be pretty. Price is not an issue (her mother is reimbursing me for the entire night), I just don't know where to start. Any suggestions???

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  1. What food are you serving? I have some ideas, but that would help. Not sure about the mirror thing though.

    1. Check with a party rental store.

      1. I actually found the mirrored ones! After looking at party supply rental places, etc. I finally just Googled catering suppiles and mirrored display stands and found these gorgeous ones:

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          Having given many types of parties for friends over time, you have my sympathy with this one. Sounds like you need to involve "the mother" more closely in process. I'm having a hard time envisioning exactly what "very classy" would mean. Of course you also have your friend to translate her mother's taste preferences for you. Good luck!

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            I agree. Sounds like the mother could be trouble if she doesn't have a lot to say about everything -- including the food and how it is served. Some mothers are like that -- and you have my sympathies here. Sometimes it is more about them wanting to be the center of attention than the daughter, and they just want to decide how the tables are set, what you are serving, whether you should hire a caterer, etc.

            Question - does your food need to be kept hot? Or chilled? If so, you are looking at chafing dishes or steam trays, depending on the size of the group. You can rent them, or if you have a Sam's or Costco, you can buy the same wired ones, foil trays, steam trays and sternos that some caterers might give you. If those aren't "classy" enough, you are looking at silverplate chafing dishes (candle warmer) and the metal steam trays, but those are expensive and may need to be rented. Mirrored stands sound beautiful, but not for food that needs to be kept cold or hot.

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