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Mar 14, 2008 12:21 PM

Taco Del Mar-5th Ave Place Calgary

By way of a heads-up, I just noticed at lunch today that a Taco Del Mar is going in beside Opa in the 5th Ave Place Food Court. I'm not sure when it opens but I peaked in and it looks like it won't be too far off. Has anyone had any experience with this chain that they can share?

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  1. Ick, lousy, terrible. :)

    To try and be more helpful, there's a really big TDM thread somewhere from about a year ago. Pretty mixed reviews, but i hated it. It was no better than Taco Time. At 30% higher cost. People on the west coast seem to like TDM a lot more... (all my Van friends like it). I don't know if the BC TDM's are different, but i've tried the one in Leduc, and the one in Calgary, and i like neither of them.,

    Hope that helps

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    1. re: yen

      Wow...Yen, we disagree on something ;)

      I have had it up here in Edmonton a few times and for what it is (fast food mexi) I found it quite good. Leaps and bounds above Taco Time IMHO. Great fresh salsa, big warm whole wheat tortillas, ample fillings, tasty beans. Maybe the one I have been going to (University) is better??

      1. re: cleopatra999

        I know!! At least people won't think we're the same person anymore.

        Anyway, maybe the Uni one is better. Or maybe what im used to for fast food mexi is different too (Freebirds, Baja Fresh, and sometimes Chipotle). For fake, fast food mexican, those are the establishments i like. TDM can't compare to them imo.

          1. re: cleopatra999

            If they were some of us would immediately die happy. No. But I've heard Chipotle is opening in Toronto!

            1. re: John Manzo

              REALLY REALLY REALLY? Ohhhhh! I looooooove Chipotle.

    2. Finally, I can give the Canadian version of this place a try. I've had a chicken burrito in Portland at one, and while it was nowhere as good as a real taqueria, t was also better than any burrito I've had in Calgary (aside from my own of course).

      I tried Red Burrito when I was in Vancouver, as well as Steamrollers- I'd welcome either of these here!!!

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      1. re: John Manzo

        There's been one open in the south side of Calgary for almost a year and can't say I was impressed. Even for fast food, my one and only trip there was pretty bad - the food just was not good (like sub-Taco Bell quality)
        I've been thinking I might give them another try since they had just opened when I went and may have been struggling with quality. If it hasn't improved then at least I know not to waste my time and money in a TDM anywhere else.

      2. I wonder if it depends on what you order? The day we tried it there was some scary looking ground beef mixture in a pot. I had chicken after seeing that and it was ok.

        1. TDM is a chain. Need I say anything more? For those people who have never tried REAL texmex before, then I suppose this is a start. If want something quick & easy go there. If you want quality authentic texmex then go elsewhere

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          1. re: zipper

            "If you want quality authentic texmex then go elsewhere."
            But where? The lack of such food in Calgary is something we have discussed here for a long time. If you have a secret spot, spill the refired beans!

            This lack makes us desperate enough to go to chains.

            1. re: sharonanne

              I must admit I'm not much of a TexMex expert but I did enjoy the food at Baja Fresh the last time I was in Washington DC a couple of years ago. Hopefully, this new TDM will be somewhat comparable.

            2. re: zipper

              taco del mar is cal-mex, not tex-mex.

              1. re: zipper

                zipper, there is no alternative anywhere in Canada. Nada.

              2. I stopped in today and had a chicken burrito for lunch. It's pretty good! I could taste cilantro, and the chicken wasn't that pre-boiled crap you see at the competition (taco time, taco bell, wrapture).
                I think this is a welcome addition to the +15 lunch selection.

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                1. re: 23skidoo

                  I had lunch there yesterday and ordered two tacos (one beef and one chicken) and I thought that for fast food they were quite good. Although, perhaps it is not saying much they were vastly superior to Taco Time.