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Mar 14, 2008 12:18 PM

Picnic - Food and Location in LA??

Curious to know if anyone has suggestions for a potential picnic location in LA that would be comfortable for myself and my girlfriend to enjoy an afternoon in late April?? Have tickets for a Dodgers game on Apr there something close to the stadium?? Thinking about having a bottle of wine with some bread, cheese, etc. Would the wine be a bad idea?? Please let me know thoughts on how this could work; I appreciate any/all info.

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  1. Dodger Stadium has a huge park next to it... I believe it's called Elysian Park.

    how about cucumber/radish salad, nice bottle of german riesling , and basil, sun dried tomato, and your favorite Italian bacon sammy with a dash of balsamic inside, some cut seasonal fruit....and a cupcake for dessert.

    by the way that's a really sweet idea..(hoping my bf see's this post and surprises me lol :))

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    1. re: barefootpris BF just bought a bunch of Dodger tix for the upoming season (our 1st game is April 25th)...and I hope he sees this post also because it is super sweet!

      We usually go to Red Lion or Short Stop before. I like the picnic idea better :-)

    2. Unfortunately, you can forget about tail gating at the stadium. Very very close by is Eastside Market if you wanted to pick up some awesome sandwiches etc...

      Eastside Market
      1013 Alpine St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

      1. Isn't Griffith park sorta close by? Go grab some cheese and wine at Gelson's, Whole foods or TJ's and hit GP. Elysian park tend to be a madhouse of huge families, loud boom boxes, barbecues and such before Dodger games.

        One of my favorite places to picnic is Will Rogers park (the park, not the beach) although I heard recently the governator wants to close it. But that's QUITE a ways from Dodger Stadium.

        How about instead a nice meal in Chinatown? What time is the game?

        1. I believe that it is against the law to consume alcoholic beverages in many Los Angeles City parks and this applies to many other municipalities as well. Therefore, you may want to check for restrictions and perhaps be discreet about the wine. It may be this is one of those ordinances that are commonly ignored until something goes wrong. LA Zoo is not too far and inside it sells wine and beer. Don't know about policy of bringing it in or consuming nearby.

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            Ahh, but state parks let you do it...which is why I think Griffith is an option and KNOW Will Roger's is OK

          2. Elysian Park, which sits directly west of Chavez Ravine (and Dodger Stadium) would be a great place for a pre-game picnic, plus you can even leave your car in the park and walk to the stadium if you'd like . The park itself is pretty spread out, with some amazing views from the higher spots - one picnic area looks directly down into the stadium.

            A friend celebrated her birthday with a picnic at this very spot a few years back and we had a great time - carne asada (which we grilled up onsite), cold fried chicken and other picnic fixins. The place is still somewhat ghetto so I wouldn't worry about discreetly sipping wine or a cocktail. The odds of getting a ticket are pretty slim.

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              As a criminal defense attorney, I must warn you that it is indeed against the law to possess an open container of alcohol in public anywhere in the city or county. There are additional ordinances that specifically outlaw possession of alcohol in parks and on beaches. Elysian Park is the locale for family picnics and thus is specially patrolled to prevent gang activity, especially on game days where there are dozens of additional traffic officers. While it is very possible that you could get away with it or plead ignorance and just have the alcohol poured out or confiscated, please understand that an officer may ask a lot of questions about where your car is and whether you intended to drive to the game after imbibing. And this isn't necessarily just a little infraction with a ticket, it can be a misdemeanor resulting in a court date. So my very strong advice is to drink in private or wait until you can buy the horribly overpriced weak beer inside the stadium.

              That being said, Eastside Deli does make some excellent big sandwiches. My favorite pregame or postgame snack is the superb spitroasted al pastor in a hefty burrito with the best salsa roja in town from Carnitas Michoacan, on North Broadway above Chinatown at 19th, almost due east from the stadium.

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                State parks allow wine or beer. Call Will Roger's park yourself.