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Mar 14, 2008 11:35 AM

Any lemonade recs?

Any recommendations for a good fresh squeezed lemonade here in town? Has anyone tried the lemonade at Mighty Fine Burgers?
I seem to remember it was pretty good at Salt Lick.
Further out of town, I had an awesome one at a food stand in Warrenton, TX during Antique Weekend (I ordered lemonade, and was in heaven when the girl yelled out "Dad-we need another lemonade", and Dad proceeded to make it right there on the spot. I was even happier when I realized the whole pitcher sized drink he was mixing was for me!

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  1. My daughter had the lemonade at Mighty Fine earlier this week and it was practically water. It was very weak.

    My wife likes the lemonade at Hoover's. It comes in a quart-sized "individual serving" pitcher.

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      Garden Spot on Burnet, my favorite HEALTHY lunch joint.

    2. Garden Spot is sort of in my neck of the woods. I will have to try it. I have been meaning to venture over there. Thanks!

      1. I love the Arnold Palmer (half tea/half lemonade) at McCormick and Schmick's. I haven't tried just the lemonade, but I would imagine that it would be good. It is fresh squeezed. I am also a little embarrassed to say that I love the lemonade from Chick Fil A. It's very sweet, but good.

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          I was going to post that I love Chick-Fil-A's lemonade, too! I just had some the other day and while it is sweet, it's also pulpy and has a nice bite to it.

          I had the Daily Juice's blueberry lemonade at the farmer's market this weekend and really enjoyed it. It's sweetened with apple juice and a shot of agave nectar -- wholesome and delicious!

        2. I need to try the Mighty Fine Burgers. Lemon aid I'll probably be shot for this but at HEB they have a lemon aid called Simply Lemon aid in the orange juice section. To me that's the best in town.

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            Must confess, I was impressed by the Simply Lemonade product as well...good juice, pulp and the whole nine yards...

          2. Friends report the lemonade at Blue Dahlia Bistro is very good.