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Mar 14, 2008 11:31 AM

Where do families dine out in Seattle?

I'm looking for places to take my family of four to dine out (two young children ages 6/7). They are great in restaurants and have been in many fancy ones without a hitch. But I'm in need of some casual everyday sort of places. Specifically those kind of neighborhood places that local families tend to frequent. I'm talking casual dinning. For example, an Italian place where the food is good (good lasagna, tortellini or cannelloni but I don't need wild boar ragu), atmosphere is irrelevant and I won't drop $80. Other examples would be a good burger joint and seafood place.

I thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. The Chow retaurants (5spot, Hi-Life, etc) are great spots for kids, and pleasant for adults. Can't say you won't spend $80, but that is more dependent on the alcohol.

    The ID is also full of fun places that are inexpensive.

    what neighborhood are you looking in?

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      I'm not looking in any specific neighborhoods because we are always out and about and you never know when it will be dinner time but would like to keep to Seattle proper and the East Side.

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        Here is the chow website - can't go wrong with homemade mac n cheese for $5 for the kids.

        We also frequent Maggie Bluffs (under Palisades), Chinoise - QA or Mad Park; Upstairs cafe at Ray's for seafood; Green Leaf, Hing Loon in the ID; Indian restaurants - many in town.

        if you find an italian place on QA, Ballard or Freemont, let me know! I have heard good things about the new Perche No location.

    2. El Puerco Lloron at the Market, Jack's Fish Spot also at the Market, Paseo in Fremont, Tutta Bella in several places (you can spend $80 there, but also can get by for less), Jack's Tapas Cafe (mainly Chinese) in the U-district, lots of places in the I.D., especially Vietnamese around 12th and Jackson, Pagliacci Pizza all over town, Jones BBQ in several locations, Cafe Roma on Aurora, Balllard Brothers Burgers. Have fun.

      1. Never been, but it seems Vios (Greek food) always gets picked as a favorite family place when the local magazine do their polls. I just saw a documentary that included the owner, and he was very into family and including the kids.

        1. A couple off the top of my head:

          Tutta Bella (pizza) on Stone in Wallingford is a major family friendly restaurant. We went with our 3 month old and fit right in. It almost seemed like you had to have a kid to get in the door.

          Never really eaten there, but the Montlake Ale House has a "kid pit" with toys for the kids while the parents eat/drink.

          1. I often take my two kids to Bick's on Greenwood. It feels quite family friendly and the waitstaff have always been very kind to the children. My all time favorite neighborhood place is Rialto on 80th and Greenlake way, which is relaxed, inexpensive, and good for a family meal.

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              My crowd has found that Ethiopian food makes for a fun, filling, and very affordable meal for a family or group of friends (the more the merrier). The Ethiopian/Somali places tend to be quite relaxed, virtually always with kids around, and the food is colorful and varied. Typically you can order a veggie platter and then a meat or two on the side and you'll have plenty of food. Also, the kids will think it's pretty cool and adventurous to eat with their hands. I won't make specific recommendations, but look for these places on East Cherry Street, in Columbia City, and elsewhere.