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Mar 14, 2008 11:26 AM

Dufflet desserts

Okay, so, under the caption of "Because they were there" - I bought 2 dufflet cakes to try. I had a "review" in last Satuday's good buys section, where the author said they were amazing, delicious, worth the price blah blah blah. Okay, so it's dessert, it's frozen and I hear they're good. Gotta try 'em. I bought a double chocolate cake and a chocolate fudge tart.

The chocolate fudge tart was by far the best of the two, but nothing outstanding. At $10 for a frozen tart, and the comments I had read, I was expecting more.

The chocolate cake was well, umm, comparable to a grocery store bought, made at home box mix cake.

Is it just me? I mean, I know they're frozen, so it's nowhere near Reema's world - and I'm not comparing this to hers, but after reading the review and reading other comments about Dufflet cakes on this board, I was expecting much much more.

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  1. Are these shipped in from the Dufflet Pastries bakery in Toronto? I didn't see the Gazette article so I'm not sure it's the same "dufflet" you're talking about. Where can you buy them?

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      Yup, one and the same. It was in last Saturday's Gazoo, in the food section, where they recommend 3 or 4 different items, be they food or cooking gadgets - always left page, left hand side of the page.

      They are available at les 5 saisons on Greene (5 saisons? 4 saisons?? man, my brain is mush)

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        Ah, thanks for the info. (I don't actually get or read the Gazette at all - don't get me started!) Just found the story online for anyone who's interested:

    2. The Dufflet desserts are also at the display case at the front of the dessert/bread department of Les 5 Saisons(at least in their Westmount location). There're not frozen(individual & whole cakes/tarts & etc.). Sample one or two things from them, when Les 5 Saisons first started carrying Dufflet desserts(way before Lesley wrote about it in the Gazette). I thought the Dufflet products were decent(need to try more, to be sure).

      1. The best Dufflet frozen product is definitely the carrot cake... too die for! I bought it in Toronto, maybe they are "fresher" even if they are frozen...

        1. "The chocolate cake was well, umm, comparable to a grocery store bought, made at home box mix cake.

          Is it just me?"

          -->nope that's exactly what i thought too. i threw it out without finishing a quarter of a slice.

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          1. re: ondine

            I love the raspberry chocolate cake.

            I've never tried the frozen ones.

            But I went to a Christmas pot luck last year...this girl made a really good carrot cake. I should make it for christmas this year. Oh yeah let me go print the recipe.