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Mar 14, 2008 11:24 AM

Cresent City Steakhouse

Hey, two questions. I am looking for a local steakhouse for dinner and have heard that Crescent City steakhouse is great. I am wondering if that is indeed true and also how safe the neighborhood is for dining, being that it is near Tulane and Broad. Thanks for your help.

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  1. They have a parking lot, safety should not be a concern.

    It is definitely a "local" joint. I would say the atmosphere is the best thing going for the place. The steaks are good and cheaper than what you'd pay at a chain/downtown steakhouse, and everything else is so-so.

    1. Good parking lot, great crowd - never had a problem ENJOY !

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        Great local place, sit in a booth and close the curtain, turn on the light outside when yu need service, great place to take a date that gets the local vibe

      2. Crescent City Steak House had a good review on WWL.

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        1. The CCS is definitely an original, and quite good--I particularly like the porterhouse for a group. That said, I only go to it about every ten years or so--but have been doing so since my teens. And one thing: nothing, I mean nothing, about it changes. I bet I could walk in tomorrow, about forty years from my first visit, and would find it the same. And that's pretty Noo Awlins.

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                  I went Saturday...had a great time. Make sure to request one of the booths....really adds to the experience. Also, the steaks are massive, feel free to split one.