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Pacific Star

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Was hoping it would be better than it was, especially for the drive. Standard fried "landlocked" seafood dishes.

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  1. What did you order? I have had the grilled fish there, and it was okay (super buttery). Now that you mention it, it wasn't worth going back for.

    1. Get the gumbo... absolutely terrific.

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        I always get oysters on a half shell and boiled shrimp. But the prize are the Oysters Rancheros. I absolutely love these...oysters baked with pico and cheese...can't go wrong with that combo! Also tried the shrimp/oyster cocktail last time I was there. It comes in a huge scooner. Can't beat the prices. I use to go all the time but no longer live up north.

      2. Lunched there for the first time recently. Have grown tired of Captain's (on 35) & Quality Seafood. Figured I'd give PS a try. Definately righteous prices. Great raw ersterz, pretty good fried too. Passable Gumbo. All-in-all, a long haul but great hang. You really get the Gulf Coast fish shack vibe.

        1. The location on 183 seems to be much better than the RR location.
          They have good oysters on the half shell most of the year and the crawfish pirogue is a sure hit.

          1. For price--it's good enough..but don't go for the food. I do eat the oysters when they are gulf fresh but only cause they are less than other resturants..of course they are smaller also and not chilled.

            1. It reminds me of a vietnamese buy & fry in houston, this is NOTHING special !

              1. I agree with Sofa King. Living in RR we go to La. Longhorn Cafe when we want good seafood. Their food is always good and the amounts they give you are way too plentiful. They are not cheap, but then again you get what you pay for. We have been a lot during Lent and they never fail us. I gave up desserts for Lent, but I will go next week for the homemade key lime pie and chocolate pie. My goodness they are good. I am partial to the whole catfish at Springhill. The rest there is just ok. And, though Gumbo's is expensive and more fine dining than I want at most times, their fish dishes are good.

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                  The only thing most of the seafood places around here are all fried. Having lived in Florida for years I like the grilled stuff.