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Help! I need take out in Pasadena

for medical reasons I am on bed rest for the weekend. I can't even go down to my kitchen to cook food so i'm relying on my husband for food. his talent in the kitchen is opening up to go containers.

i had take out from Avanti pizza last night and the only thing that we edible was the pizza. the rest of the food was terrible! i'm thinking salad. are the salads at Green Street Restaurant decent? i've only had breakfasts there. any decent chinese? any suggestions? thanks!

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  1. I love the food at Good Times Pita Kitchen. Here is a link to their menu

    The Salad topped with chicken kabob is great as is there Greek Salad, and the rest of the menu

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      I agree. I like their Gyros. Salads and sandwiches at Green are good. If you want Thai, there is PresidenTwo which is very good - love their Pad Thai, Thom Yum Soup, Three Delights Fish Filet, Basil leaf chicken. You can always do Go China for Chinese. Their Kung Pao is really good. I also like their Hot & Sour soup. Pizza I order from Carmine's in South Pas. They will deliver to certain areas in Pasadena.
      Avanti was nasty when I went. Cannot see why they would be voted best pizza in Pas for so many years.. bleech.
      Hope you get back on your feet and feel better soon!!

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        WildSwede, I love to read your opinions -- they always make me smile! I truly don't understand the Avanti love in this town, I heartily agree the pizza and other food always looks tired and old, and I've been coerced into going there for the last time. Yuck.

        President Thai and PresidenTwo both do great take-out, depending on what side of town you are on, one might be more convenient.
        I like takeout from Burrito Express -- their burritos are especially stable.
        I also get little tacos from Tacos La Estrella -- there are several locations but my favourite is the one on Altadena Dr and Foothill.
        The salads from Green Street travel well, because they leave the dressing on the side.
        Lots of take-home to heat meals available at Bristol Farms and Julienne's.
        The only place I actually get *delivery* from is FuShing. It's not my favourite Chinese in the SGV by far, but when it is delivered to my house it seems like a little miracle. Super-efficient staff and they have never messed up an order and the delivery people are always so nice and always get my order to me faster than they promise.

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          khh1138, I agree! i too always love to hear WildSwede's opinions. i'm with you guys on avanti. the pizza is ok. everything else was literally like garbage. the chicken on the salad was sour and gristly. the tomatoes on the pasta pomodoro was rotten. i think they gave us the garbage to take out not the food to take out. we ended up with crocodile cafe and some fushing which we ate until today.

          1. re: trolley

            Thank you guys! I just try to be honest. Wait til you see the review that I am going to do of Saari's Nigerian. I am going to wait til Abby posts about it with her pics and then let the comments begin!! ;-)

      1. For Chinese, I really like Fu-Shing. They even deliver, although I often just swing by to pick it up.

        Salads from Green Street are good.

        You could also send hubby over to Porta Via where he can pick up a fine array of Italian goodies.

        Fu-Shing Chinese Restaurant
        2960 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107

        Porta Via Italian Foods
        1 W California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105

        1. I really like the Dianne Salad (I think that's the name) from Green Street Restaurant. It's a chinese chicken salad and it comes with a delicious slice of zuchinni bread. I've always had the takeout version and I have never been disappointed.

          1. Ugh - sorry about the bed rest - that bites, but it's good that you have a husband to send for food :)

            Here's our regular "take-out" choices:
            - Milano's Deli, for pita wraps, excellent falafel, good standard sandwiches:

            - Fu Shing for decent Chinese: http://www.fu-shing.com/

            - Fredo's Philly's for the sandwiches (also offering some interesting new salads, sometimes): http://fredosphillys.com/index.html

            - Daisy Mint for excellent Thai interpretations

            - Big Mama's Rib Shack for decent soul food: http://www.bigmamasribs.com/

            - Europane for good sandwiches and pastries

            - I don't know if Central Park Cafe will do take out, but it's worth a call (can't find an on-line menu for them, sorry).

            - Nikki C's in east Pasadena for decent Italian /steak options: http://www.sangabrielvalleymenus.com/...

            Hope you soon recover!

            1. Daisy Mint does take out as well. The place was packed last weekend after the Gold review in LA Weekly, so take out might be the best way to enjoy the food until the clamor settles down. :-)

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                J. Gold did a review? I missed that, but that would explain why there was a 35-minute wait when we showed up on Saturday evening. I figured, hey, it's a new place, we shouldn't have a problem getting in. Wrong. I couldn't believe it.

                1. re: Jack Flash

                  Not much of a review, more like a blurb. I can't help but wonder if Gold actually dined at Daisy Mint in order to write the piece, or if he based his research on the "pasadena discovery" thread! Nevertheless, congrats to Daisy Mint for reaching the Gold standard.

                  And BTW, the spicy panang with kubota squash is indeed creamy, dreamy, to die for.

                  P.S. Trolley, sorry to hear that your mobility is limited this weekend. When I'm feeling under the weather, I love nourishing my mind/body/soul with spicy comfort food. Pei Wei on Foothill, just east of Best Buy, makes a kung pao chicken with fresh stir-fried veggies and brown rice that always hits the spot. It's Americanized Chinese, but tasty nonetheless. Their salads and crab/cream cheese wontons are good too. Feel better soon!

                  1. re: Waverly SGV

                    I forgot about Daisy Mint. It always makes me laugh that J Gold does his reviews a week or two (or a month) after a place pops up on Chowhound!! ;-) I saw his review and am planning on taking a co-worker who is leaving [sob!] there for lunch today. Hopefully for me (not the DM people) it is not too busy! Although, I definitely want them to do well and stay around for a long time!

                    1. re: WildSwede

                      WS, did you try anything new for lunch? Last time I went, I had the eggplant -- good-sized chunks of Japanese eggplant with a touch of spice, and not over-sauced. Fresh and delicious.

                      While you were there, did you see the beautiful table that Don fashioned out of a wooden door? He laid a pane of glass over the hollowed center of the door, turning it into a display case for lovely white china and silverware. They're both so talented.

                      1. re: Waverly SGV

                        Unfortunately we had to postpone at the last minute, but have rescheduled for Wednesday. I have seen that table, but did not realize that Don made it. It really is lovely.
                        I have had the eggplant dish you mention - it is wonderful. Eggplant not at all mushy or slimy, perfectly seasoned. Very good.
                        What would you suggest? I have had their green beans with garlic (love), Spicy spaghetti (love), Pad See Ew (like a lot), Daisy Mint Noodles (okay - it may be an acquired taste - I liked it more than my dining companion), Daisy Salmon (fantastic!), Pad Thai (ugg), Crab Meat Cheese Wantons (YUMMY!), Peanut Dumplings (okay), Tom Yum Soup (GREAT!), Tofu soup (good), Beef Noodle Soup (okay). Carrot cake was really good, too. So there you have all the dishes I have tried.
                        Someone sitting next to us last time ordered the Korean Ribeye and that looked really good. May try that at some point. Another person had the Steak salad which she wolfed down, so I am assuming it was good since she did not take a breath from start to finish!!

                        1. re: WildSwede

                          My WS, you do know your way around a menu! I concur with all of your word associations / comments. ; ) I must also recommend the panang with squash (the sauce is so delicious you'll want to drink it straight from the serving bowl) and the Salmon Wraps (tiny morsels of salmon, avocado, herbs, spice and vinegar that pack a big burst of flavor). I've also had the Daisy Back Ribs, which are a little too salty for my tastes, but finger-linking nevertheless. No sauce, only spicy salt like that found on porkchops/ribs in Chinese restaurants. Next on my list is the Spicy Catfish, Korean Ribeye, and Duck with Chilies and Basil.

                          P.S. Since this post is requesting takeway / delivery recs, I must admit that dining-in at Daisy Mint is so much better than takeaway. In my experience, their food tastes better while it's still pipping hot and freshly prepared.

              2. We do a LOT of Take out! Here are some diverse selections, since it can get pretty boring eating a lot of the same.
                Heidar Baba on Colorado has great Kebobs and persian food.
                We like the sandwiches and Salads from the Gelson's Deli counter in Paseo.
                Julienne in San Marino specializes in take out prepared meals and the food seems healthier than most restaurants. They also have things in the freezer case ready to go. Not much more complicated than unpacking take out.
                We like to pick up fish tacos from Wahoos.
                Sharky's has a good taco salad that I add grilled chicken to.
                Dona Rosa on Arroyo has great tacos, burritos, etc.
                Green Street's salads are excellent. I like the Diane and the Cornucopia.
                California Pizza Kitchen on Los Robles will bring your order out to the curb if you call when you get there!

                Hope these suggestions help and that you feel better soon!

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                  I agree with much of what is written about although I am not a fan of the Dianne Salad from Green Street. I do however, love their corn chowder and tomato bisque. I would also add The Kitchen for Exploring Foods www.thekitchen.net and Marstons for their salads as well as California Pizza Kitchen for theirs. I love their newish roasted vegetable salad. I have recently had Cameron's crab salad (I think it is $14) and it is very generous all though I think the crab itself has been a little too salty latelyhttp://www.camerons4fish.com. I like San Sai because they do have healthy entrees and saladss http://beta3.powerfulhosting.com/ ,Baja Fresh for their Baja Ensalada with steak or chicken www.bajafresh.com, Maybe you could send your husband to Whole Foods and let him be creative? My parting shot and the least healthy of all my suggestions is the 2 salads from Clearman's. Hope you are back on your feet soon!

                2. This is a no brainer---Kitchen for Exploring Foods.