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Mar 14, 2008 10:52 AM

Peppers Mex - Tallahassee

Okay, Tallytown Hounds, Ashby "Never-Ate-At-A-Buffet-I-Didn't-Like-Better Than Liams" Stiff, just gave Peppers toques. Who's been there? And being a university town, open your blue books and "compare and contrast" versus La Hacienda II, San Miguel, La Fiesta,

So do we wait in line to try this place? Or is there a line to try this place?


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  1. There is a line sometimes but they are remarkably efficient.

    Pretty much typical Mexican but a little cleaner and less greasy. I really like it!

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    1. re: jangita

      At the prodding of Mrs. Crew, we gave the place a takeout try. Not too crowded at 5:30 on a Sunday, but as early birds were leaving the families atrted to arrive. Reasonable fast on wait.

      Food was above average and above expectations. Cammarones a Mojo y Aji were flavorful. Mole Poblano had a chocolatey tinge to it ( I've had it taste burned at other places). Chile Relleno was passable but not fancy. Salsa was tasty. And we liked the choice of corn vs flour tortillas. I think they use the real masa harina so they aren't heavy.

      Decor wasn't fancy. Two flat screens showing two different soccer games.
      Tables outside are East facing so you're not dealing with the afternoon sun.

      So a good alt choice for take out. I'd say 2.5 toques. But for Tallahassee, a rather good choice.

      1. re: crewsweeper

        Had an average meal there last night. Nothing terrible, just typical Tallahassee Mexican.

        I think La Hacienda is better, if only by a bit.

    2. Liked it....we didn't get our queso dip even after reminding the waiter several times. My husband and I almost fell out of our booth, as it tipped over when we moved forward to eat our dinner. Othewise...very good for the price.

      1. Went today for lunch at urging of a friend. Not a fan of Mexican, but this was delicious. Had the cadillac burrito at his suggestion, and at 7.99, it was huge and could easily be shared. Great flavor. Nice crowd there today for lunch. Would recommend over some over local ones