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Mar 14, 2008 10:34 AM

LiL Ole, Soft Opening, Tasty Stuff

Just had a steak burrito at Ole's new takeout joint. Very good. In fact, might be the best burrito in town at the moment. And cheap! 5.50 w/ guac. Tortas looked great too. I'll be back soon, if not tomorrow.

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      Directly across Springfield Street from Ole.

    2. There are some recent posts on Olecito, but I cannot figure out how to link. Der.

      1. They don't have the website for Olecito yet.

        1. Bumping this thread. Any recent reports? How's it breaking in?

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          1. re: yumyum

            I had a steak torta there a couple weeks ago. Tasty and huge, I could barely finish it (but did). I also got the guac and chips. Together these items came to about $10. I will definitely return to try other sandwiches and burritos, but I'll forego the guac and chips as I make pretty good guac on my own for less.

          2. I went this evening for the first time. Ordered one rajas taco and one carnitas taco. The rajas taco filling consisted of strips of roasted poblano peppers in a very light coating of what I took to be Mexican crema, black beans, small amount of jack cheese, small amount of guacamole, and a salsa the details of which I have forgotten (sorry!)--maybe it was just pico de gallo. This was very tasty and with a certain amount of heat coming from the peppers---I like it when poblanos are a bit hot, which is not always the case. The weak points were that there were too many beans relative to the amount of poblanos----the ratio was about one to one if not slanted slightly in favor of the beans---and that the guacamole was barely detectable. The carnitas taco was a major disappointment, however. The pork seemed like simple braised pork, with no charred bits whatsoever, and was completely bland and dare I say flaccid. It needed major salting to be at all interesting to eat. It was topped with a small amount of perfectly serviceable pineapple salsa and a barely detectable amount of non-distinctive cabbage slaw. Both tacos suffered from being soggy, although with carryout this is probably unavoidable even though I live only a few blocks away. Both also were stuffed quite full so that I found it easier to eat them with knife and fork. Overall there was something un-taco-like and unsatisfying about the whole experience, although at under $6 it was not a bad deal. Next time I would order two rajas tacos or try a burrito or torta.

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            1. re: bella_sarda

              Sounds somewhat similar to my initial visit, although I am due to give it another try this week. I almost thought some of their tacos were more like a burrito.

              1. re: bella_sarda

                Thanks bella -- I'm sad to hear they aren't hitting the carnitas on all cylinders, but it sounds like I'd really enjoy those rajas.

                (and thanks again to itaunus for the other report which I missed the first time.)