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Mar 14, 2008 10:33 AM

DJ's market: Polish heaven

I buried this in an old post but just finished the second half of my sandwich for two great lunches for a total of $3.69. DJ's deserves it's own post. On Boston Ave about 3 block south of Dorchester Ave.

Oh my God! I just tried DJ's and it was very impressive. I had mentioned Euromart to a Polish friend who reminded me of this place. The Kielbasa sandwich was $3.69 and had a different variety of kielbasa kept warm in a little oven with some huge pork roast-looking thing in it. It was excellent and I could only finish half. Quite a statement from someone who downs a 1/2 lb Speed's hot dog and runs back to work. The place was lined up with burly men getting a hearty sandwich for lunch and one fellow picking up 30 lbs of kielbasa (presumably not just for his lunch). The variety here is less than Euromart but prices are about 30% lower. Thanks elizard and thekidd for the recommendation. My triumvirate of Polish places is now a fantastic four.

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  1. I agree. They might not have as large a selection but the fresh kielbasa is great, and they have the cutest girls working the counter. I used to go to the Boston St. Mkt. just down the street but I don't know if it has new owners or what but it is somehow different. They have a poster from the Godfather on the wall. I just don't get it.

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      I believe DJ's ownership has been turned over to the couple's daughter and the Boston St Market changed hands around a year ago and the owner happens to be the brother of the owner of DJ's.

    2. Gourmaniac -

      Thanks for this post. I tried to grab an early Speed's dog on a Saturday, but he wasn' t there yet so remembered this post.

      The small kielbasa sandwich is now $3.35, a large I think closer to $5. Got the small - great crusty roll almost like a Portuguese roll - couple of pieces of kielbasa, horseradish and mustard....yummy!

      Also bought a fresh loaf of poppy seed bread - can't wait to try that.

      Would never have stepped foot in this place, but for your post. Thanks.