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Mar 14, 2008 10:33 AM

good Polish deli to buy food for Easter?

I'm feeling very nostalgic for some Polish food around Easter time. Does anyone know of a good place to go to buy pierogies, ham, bread, etc.? I've heard that there are good places in Greenpoint, but I'm not familiar with the area. I live in Manhattan, but I'm willing to go to Queens or Brooklyn for some good Polish eats to bring to an Easter brunch.

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  1. the holiday always makes me nostalgic too! for kielbasa and ham, i like steve's meat market on nassau, just off manhattan. go a little further down nassau for pierogies and other stuff at old poland. had some luck at mazur market nearer manhattan/greenpoint aves. good luck and enjoy!

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      the "fresh" (raw, unsmoked) kielbasa at mazur is excellent.

      in addition to steve's, the other big names in the area are w-nassau and polam. both are within blocks of each other on manhattan avenue below greenpoint avenue (and both places get VERY busy). mazur is kind of cattycorner to w-nassau.

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        for the fresh variety -- my favorite -- the polish term is biala [pr: BEE-ah-wah] cook it as you'd cook fresh italian sausage. mmmm!

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          If you can stand the lines at W-NASSAU, you'll catch a glimpse of the operation and smoke whiff from the backroom...grab a kielbasa and their wildly flavorful pork loin. Live high-on-the-hog.

      2. Eagle Provisions in Park Slope/Sunset Park, which is located on the corner of 5th Avenue and 18th Street. It's a large, gem of a polish supermarket with tons of great food and beer selections. There's also a small one-off Polish deli on the same side of the street a few blocks south (in the 20s).

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          I agree, Eagle is a great supermarket w/ a good variety of Polish and Eastern European goods (and a fantastic beer selection). If you walk a couple of blocks north along 5th Ave (I believe it's between Prospect Ave and 17th St...give or take a block), there's a great Eastern Euro butcher/shop called Jubilat Provisions. They have a great selection of smoked meats, and they smoke their own hams and sausages in-house. The NY Times wrote about them a few years back when they published that article about butchers in NYC that smoke and cure their own hams.

        2. If you are specifically looking for sausages, be sure to read this excellent thread:

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          1. re: racer x

            Thanks for the link racer x. As an American of Polish descent (but no Polish speaking ability), I am a little apprehensive about going to all of these places. But I am so excited! Hopefully there will still be good stuff left the day before Easter.
            Thanks to everyone else who replied as well!

            1. re: umisquirrel

              Ridgewood Queens is one of the big Polish neighborhoods in the city - I had a friend who lived out there for a while and she was constantly raving about the butcher shops, specifically their excellent pork products. It's a HIKE, though - you basically have to take the M train all the way to the end.

              1. re: biondanonima

                Ridgewood is great for Polish food, very hardcore. Ridgewood Pork store on Bleecker and Seneca is my favourite, they have an onsite smoker and smoke their own bacon, cheeses, and hams. They supply several other stores and restaurants in the area, NorthEast Kingdom being one of them. Take the M train to the Seneca Ave. stop and walk towards Manhattan; great view of the Empire State building, for 5 blocks