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Apr 10, 2002 03:12 PM

White Castle like burgers

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Anyone know if anyone has tried to recreate the famous White Castle burgers in So. Cal. ????

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  1. Grew up in Detroit--one of the other names bantered around town was "Gut Grenades" !!! Some food chains have carried them in the frozen food section!

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    1. re: THEE STEALTH

      I vaguely remember a White Castle on Hollywood Blvd., probably sometime in the '70s. Apparently, Angelenos (and tourists) had no use for tiny, steamed burgers with holes in them.

      Imagine. And, as noted, there's always the supermarket freezer section.

      1. re: TE

        Ironically, I think the spot where the White Castle used to be in Hollywood (the Ripleys Believe It or Not place) is adjacent to a McDonalds. Plus ca change plus ca c'est la meme chose.

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          In the early to mid 80's there was a White Castle in Gardena, on corner of El Segundo and Van Ness. It was only open about 8 to 12 months before it closed.

      2. I don't really know, but the Ritz Brothers have a burger made for them at The Ritz Restaurant and when Jay was playing there, the chef brought us Ritz Burgers about the size of a White Castle. And, not many adornments, just a condiment like mayonnaise. I don't think they taste like White Castles (yet I've never tasted a White Castle. My friend Mary told me about the "gut grenades.") That's about as close as I know.

        Check them out. The Ritz. It's in Newport Beach, Fashion Island. You could be on to something.

        Do they still make White Castle burgers?

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        1. re: kc girl

          OK--Let's Try This Again--Since We Had A Cyber Glitch In This Thread--Answer To mc michaels Post--You can't compare a White Castle w/cheese (grilled onions, ketchup & mustard on a square bun)--to Hamburger Hamlets'little burgers!!! Try one and see why they belong in a cult catergory of Fast Food!!!

          1. re: THEE STEALTH

            The diode in the flux capacitor must have shorted out when Chino Wayne activated his blender. As I said before, you have to ask for them Animal Style (g).

        2. I just checked their website. Their burgers are sold frozen at Albertson’s, Food 4 Less, Gelson’s, Ralphs
          Stater Brothers, Vons and Vons Pavilions.


          1. If you just want little burgers, Hamburger Hamlet used to do a platter of 4 small cheeseburgers. Probably still do.

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            1. re: mc michael

              Unless you have never had a White Castle w/cheese (grilled onions, ketchup & mustard on a square bun --You can't even suggest anything like Hamburger Hamlets'little burgers!!!!

              1. re: THEE STEALTH

                You have to ask for em Animal Style.

                1. re: THEE STEALTH

                  Looks like our wires got crossed, or some sort of black hole time space continuum thing.
                  What I tried to say was, based on Carter's info I learned there's a Gulfstream in Newport Beach. So, OC Hounds, what's the story? Is the seafood fresh?


                  1. re: mc michael
                    torta basilica

                    It used to be Cowboy Seafood & for some reason, they simply changed the name (it wasn't the obvious reason, that the name didn't make sense...) Rumor has it that they were getting such a bad rep - especially on meat market Thursday nights, that they decided to make a few changes. Rumor also has it there was beginning to be a bit of a problem with drug dealing there too.

                    I can spew all the rumors, but can't answer about the food, except that we went there once when it was Cowboy & were less than impressed. Just seemed like another so-so chain restaurant. However, I have friends who just rave about it, so we could have hit a bad night. The restaurant is rather strangely decorated (maybe that's changed), but the patio is fun & pretty and all the pretty people of NB will be there tomorrow night lookin for love.

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                    Message: OK--Let's Try This Again!!!
                    You can't compare a White Castle w/cheese (grilled onions, ketchup & mustard on a square bun -- to Hamburger Hamlets'little burgers!!! Try one and see why they belong in the cult catergory of Fast Food!!!

                2. I remember a small surge of psuedo-Castle
                  places that popped up (and subsequently
                  popped back down) in the 80's in Orange

                  They had names like White Palace, Palace
                  Burgers, etc.....

                  Nice try, but not the real thing.