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Mar 14, 2008 10:28 AM

ISO something new to do with Chinese "Peking Duck" pancakes

I've got a lot of these in the freezer. The sort you get in Chinese restaurants (at least in the UK) and eat with shredded duck, onion, cucumber and hoisin sauce.

I've "gone off" eating duck recently. But I'd still like to use them in a Chinese-y sort of way. Any ideas for some good combos?


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  1. We get something from our local Chinese place for delivery called shredded pork, Peking style. Basically the same thing as Peking Duck, but with shredded pork meat, hoisin sauce, etc. I'm not sure I'd like the cucumber with pork, but scallions might be nice.

    1. "Mu shu" style pork, chicken, or tofu! With hoisin sauce and scallions, of course. YUM.

      Alternatively, make a dessert out of them by filling them with sweet red bean paste.

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      1. -moo shu pork, chicken, beef or shrimp
        -gujeolpan (korean crepes) a little smaller than peking duck pancakes. but the same idea, meat and veggies prepared separately to be wrapped and rolled in a pancake and then eaten

        1. Thanks for the pointers about Moo/Mu Shu. I wasn't familiar with it and Googled to see it's mainly an Americanised Chinese style. We don't have it in the UK (as almost all Anglicised Chinese is Cantonese in origin), so that might make it doubly interesting to try.

          But any other thoughts (thanks MMRuth for the shredded pork)?