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Mar 14, 2008 10:14 AM

What "indulgence food experience" could I buy with a $200 William Sonoma gift card?

Received a $200 William Sonoma gift card from my boss who knows I love to cook as a birthday gift. I have pretty much all the gadgets I need for cooking and dining, so I wouldn't mind using this gift card to indulge myself with "non-your-typical-daily" gourmet food or kitchenware (it is meant to be my bday gift after all). Would appreciate any scoops from you William Sonoma connoisseurs out there!

1. No alcohol and wine-related glassware/gadgets, because I don't drink.
2. No knives or cutlery as I do not plan to replace my Shun Ken Onion 8-Piece Knife Block Set, which was bought from William Sonoma too, any time soon (if ever).
3. No coffee or espresso machine as I am happy with what I got for Christmas gift - Anita by Quick Mill (and yes I've gotten all the gadgets and the burr grinder I need for making a decent cup of espresso) and I've located an excellent local coffee roaster.

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  1. What an awesome gift! I'm so jealous...

    A few ideas (based on things that I would get myself):
    - solid wood cutting block
    - cookbooks (they make some very good ones)
    - Le Creuset dutch oven
    - silicone spatula set
    - mandoline
    - microplane
    - baking stone

    1. Have you thought about getting a really nice balsamic vinegar? try the Villa Monadori, its produced by a very famous chef from Modena. It's $40, but I can guarantee that a drizzle of a REAL balsamic vinegar will make even a bland piece of meat memorable. It's not meant for salads but more as a condiment for special occasions.

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        A friend of mine once served fresh strawberries with real balsamic vinegar for dessert... I said, "who ever heard of eating strawberries with vinegar?" But the combination was DIVINE -- I can't recommend it highly enough. An excellent introduction to what real balsamic vinegar is supposed to taste like!

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          I agree w/ getting unique food stuffs. I actually REALLY like their cake mixes, brownie mixes, pasta sauces, oils & vinegars. Soaps & lotions are also nice...and who runs out of tea towels or dish towels? I always need those! I have also bought their cake pans - like castle shaped, snowman caked - they are nice and heavy duty. Maybe a nicer tablecloth. The copper idea is great.

          Most importantly - spend it on YOU and don't fritter it away. I seem to do this with large gift cards sometimes. Happy shopping!!

        2. I love my Williams Sonoma grill-top pizza stone--there's a post about it on Cookware, I think, if you want me to dredge it up. I think it cost about $100.


          1. What a super gift! Happy Birthday..
            If I had $200.00 to spend on food indulgence at WS here's where I'd knock myself out:

            The French Cheese Collection.....72.00
            Di Camillo Cracker Gift Box.....25.00
            Dry Salami Collection, Set of 4.....34.00
            Agave 15 Margarita Mix....set of four.....67.80

            That leaves you $1.20 to send a thank you note to your boss. Happy shopping!

            1. 2 things I've gotten from WS recently and really have a lot of fun with......the Bialetti stovetop cappucino maker & also a Le Crueset tagine. The tagine in particular - I had no idea what it was when I opened it (for my b-day) but we've had fun experimenting with it and made some pretty extraordinary meals.

              That's a great gift - enjoy!!