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Mar 14, 2008 09:49 AM

Cocktail Recommendations at No. 9 Park?

I've heard the cocktails at No. 9 Park are outstanding and I'm looking forward to imbibing one or two when I visit. However, while I know wines fairly well, I don't know many cocktails (other than the martini and its various iterations, & the margarita) so I'm looking for some suggestions.

Anyone have a No. 9 Park cocktail favorite they'd recommend? No need to ask what I like, I have a wide-ranging palate and am happy to try just about anything.

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  1. As someone without an excessive amount of cocktail knowledge, I usually go with something off their cocktail menu. Last time I went, I really enjoyed my Italian greyhound, a simple concoction of grapefruit juice and Punt e Mes vermouth. A few springs ago, I remember having a terrific gimlet.

    1. I'd gravitate toward drinks that few other Boston-area bars are doing: variants on flips, Champagne cocktails, Manhattans (Brooklyn, Green Point, Red Hook), Ramos Fizz, and so on.

      Some cocktails I've really enjoyed there: Tom and Jerry (rarely seen, really extraordinary, though maybe better after dinner, certainly best saved for cold weather -- it's traditionally a Christmas drink), Pegu Club, Sazerac, Aviation, Moto Guzzi, Hoskins, Red Ken, Negroni, Sidecar. They're noodling with absinthe these days.

      It's impossible to go wrong; it's fun to just give them some hints about spirits you prefer and see what they come up with. An amazing place, a dream for serious cocktail lovers.

      1. Without a doubt what you want to order is a Screaming Viking.

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          Do you prefer your cucumber bruised?

        2. I'd agree with finlero and MC Slim, for me it's the place that really got me into cocktails. The Manhattan variations are great. They have a Copenhagen on the menu now which is great. I also really enjoy the flips, particularly a rye flip.

          1. Thanks everyone, I'm psyched! A Screaming Viking? A Rye Flip? A Moto Guzzi? Yowza. Sounds great. We have reservations for tomorrow evening (3/15) so plenty of time for more recommendations to "pour" in. Ha.

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              > plenty of time for more recommendations to "pour" in.

              Ouch, it hurts so good I want to revoke my earlier post. I kid, I kid, I'm just miffed I didn't think of it first.

              Incidentally, Bluebell's suggestion below for the champagne cocktail flight is a good one. If you get them, be careful, they're stronger than they taste.

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                Unless No. 9 Park has gotten all postmodern and actually named a drink "Screaming Viking", it's actually just a joke reference to a fake cocktail in an episode of Cheers. So don't order that unless you see it on the menu.