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Mar 14, 2008 09:44 AM

Tax Time -- Return or Owe?

Since our tax appointment today coincides with the annual day that our daycare offers to keep the kids late or overnight, I was joking to Mr. Foodnut that we would pick our dinner restaurant based on whether we get a return or owe money to the government.

So, just for fun, give us your "I got a return" restaurant and your "I owe big time" restaurant.

(For argument's sake, your return is big enough to do a meal for two in any Bay Area restaurant, what you owe still leaves you with a bit of cash to afford something in the cheap eats category.)

My return restaurant: Michael Mina -- have been wanting to go there, but can't really justify the splurge from any particular paycheck period

My "I owe" restaurant: A bit harder -- but I have to admit that I'm intrigued by the 96 hour feature on Bear Naked Burgers -- especially since you can get a pint for $1 & I'll need a beer to cry into!

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  1. À Côté ("Can I see the reserve wine list, please?") / Lanesplitter

    1. I already know that I owe. Anyone have any recommendations on a good soup kitchen?