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6 Flags Magic Mountain

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Planning a May trip to aformentioned amusement park and would like suggestions on Indian, Mexican and other delectible ethic spots nearby.

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  1. Wish you the best of luck on your quest. If all else fails, there is an In N Out nearby.

    1. You are going to be in "white bread" country, good luck.

      1. As long as it's not ambience you're seeking (which I'd assume you'd sacrifice for something other than Tony Roma's, which is near there) You could always take a break from the theme park and retreat to the slice of greenery situated off to the side of 6F's parking lot for a picneek with whatever you want. Pack a cooler, but what you decide to bring will have to be decided on that (i've found a lot of thai food, as long as it's not seafood keeps and flavor intensifies, but I'd assume the same would hold for indian food-tandoori chicken, esp. would be good for a picnic. It's a small block (it's been awhile since I've been there), but there are a few trees scattered. You may be joined by some others that have chosen the same route.

        1. In the immediate area there are only chains: Red Lobster, Wendy's, Hamburger Hamlet, El Torito.

          A 5-15 minute drive would get to some other spots, but its mostly chain restaurants out here. Examples, Outback, Elephant Bar, Cupid's, Panda Express.

          For Mexican, the only places I know of are chains, Baja Fresh, Cabo Cabana, Rubio's. There is an Indian restaurant, Tandoori Grill, but I haven't eaten there yet. There are a couple good chinese places, Mandarin 88 and Mandarin Wong, but you'd have to drive a ways.

          1. There's actually a surprisingly decent Il Fornaio-type northern Italian place in one of the big shopping centers in Valencia ... off Newhall Ranch Road I think (?) If anyone remembers the name, help me out here...

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              Are you thinking of Sisley's? I know that there is one in Valencia somewhere - haven't eaten there but I have eaten at the branches in Sherman Oaks (corner of Sepulveda and Ventura) and the Westside Pavilion, and have had pretty good (if fairly generic) meals at both places.

            2. Santa Clarita is not necessarily a mecca for good food. However, if you are willing to drive a little bit into Santa Clarita, there are a few good restaurants. There is a decent Mexican restaurant in Saugus called Presidente (could be El Presidente). It is on Bouquet Canyon Road, about a 2-3 mile drive from Magic Mountain. There is also an excellent Italian restaurant called Chi Chi's that is in Saugus, as well. There's also one in Canyon Country, but that's even farther. Anyway, Chi Chi's is on Soledad Canyon Road. They have fabulous garlic bread and good pasta dishes, but the pizza is my favorite in the entire world. I could literally eat their pizza three times a day, seven days a week. If you can get to Chi Chi's, it is definitely worth the 7 minute drive from Magic Mountain. It is great for families, but does get crowded on the weekends. Both Chi Chi's and Presidente are not that far past Sicily's, though I wouldn't recommend Sicily's. It's a typical chain restaurant and just ok (though not bad). If you really want to check out Santa Clarita and it's food, you could try La Chene on Sierra Highway in Saugus (and the edge of Canyon Country). This is more of a drive (maybe 20 minutes) and more expensive. It is a French restaurant with really good food and not bad prices compared to other French restaurants throughout SoCal. The menu is quite extensive and has interesting items such as ostrich. I have enjoyed every meal I have ever eaten there. I also enjoy Bonsai Gardens in Canyon Country on Soledad Canyon Road (about 25 minutes away). Good Japanese, (sushi, bento boxes for lunch, yakisoba, etc.), but service is slow. Good luck and let me know if you need anymore suggestions. I am originally from that area so I have a decent knowledge of the restaurants.

              1. both chi chi's and sicily's are poor excuses for Italian food. They're like the local olive gardens that didn't quite make it nationally.

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                  Chi Chi's is simply a very good "red Sauce" Italina restaurant. The Pizza is good, the lasagne is good and the service is attentive and friendly. Reasonable prices.

                  That 'aint all that bad.