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Mar 14, 2008 08:57 AM

king crab legs - i'm jealous of YVR

vancouver has all sorts of asian restaurants with deals for king crab legs, there must, must be somewhere in t.o to go for some delicious crab. anything works - asian theme, or straight up seafood joint. any advice?

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  1. You could call Elegantview on Vic. Park.
    They always have the giant Vancouver Crabs, but often have other types as well.

    1. Go to Rodney's on King street, for fresh , never frozen King Crab.
      They were in season last week, and amazing. Hurry before they are gone!!

      1. Hi, Omei has the fresh King Crab 4 ways eat ! Get a 10 to 12 pounds crab, delicious ! There are various other chinese restaurant that have it, but not 4 ways. You don't have to jealous.

        Or you can get a fresh king crab from T&T, it is $11/pound, cook it yourself. I just bought a 7 pounds the other day, it is good.

        1. Best for my $ is Saigon Star and their curry crab. Often imitated by other Asian restaurants in the city but not equaled. The owner has a few other similar restaurants with the same style crab too throughout the city.

          Besides their signature curry crab, they make it in other styles too, all great.

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            The curry crab at Saigon Star is using Vancouver crab, not King crab.