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Mar 14, 2008 08:54 AM

Bacon Salt - Kashrut reliability?

There was a bit of publicity last year about the release of "Bacon Salt". Its makers claim that it "is a zero calorie, vegetarian, kosher certified seasoning salt that makes everything taste like real bacon". The kashrut is Square K. The ingredients include, in their words, "natural and artificial flavors (contains milk)". The fact that the ingredients include milk-based flavor components and the hashgacha doesn't say that it's milkhic concerns me (though, in theory, it could be less than relevant amounts). I want to buy/use this stuff, but can't without some reassurance. Questions for this forum: Anyone know anything about this hechsher? Is it reliable? From what I can find online, the rav hamachshir is Rabbi Moshe Londinski, in Seattle, Washington. Does anyone have any info on him or Square K? Thanks.

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  1. The Seattle Vaad (largest grouping of orthodox shuls, organizations, kashrus, in the region) does NOT recommend Rabbi Londinski's hechsher. The Square K is not listed in the Seattle Vaad's "Reliable Kosher Agencies" list (check their website), and they affirmatively do not recommend his hashgocho. Sorry. The Bacon Salt looks like fun thing to try. Even their website is fun. You can always go back to Bacos. And they're pretty salty.

    1. FYI - Just received this email from the folks at Bacon Salt:
      From: J&D's Bacon Salt []
      Subject: RE: kosher certification

      Thanks for your email. Funny you mention it, we are currently working towards getting Kof-K certified for all 4 Bacon Salt flavors!


      In a separate email they suggested that they should have it sometime in the early fall.

      1. According to their website:

        Kosher Certification

        Bacon Salt has moved to Kof-K certification for the Original, Hickory and Peppered flavors (Natural coming soon). We’re still cycling through some of the Square K certified product, but if you’re interested in getting a Kof-K certified bottle of Bacon Salt, please put a note in the comments section of your order! Also note that Original is Kof-K Dairy (it contains a small amount of milk in a flavoring), and Hickory and Peppered are Kof-K Parve (and are both vegan).

        J&D’s Bacon Salt is proud to be kosher-certified by the following organizations:
        Square-K Kosher Services
        POB 18915
        Seattle, WA 98118
        Rabbi Moshe Londinski

        Scroll K
        1350 Vrain Street
        Denver CO 80204

        1. Is bacon really that good that there is a market for a product that "makes everything taste like real bacon"? I wouldn't mind having a product that makes everything taste like real pastrami, one of my favorite deli cuts.