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Mar 14, 2008 08:43 AM


We went to Moscow On The Hill for cocktails and an appetizer this past Wednesday evening. We sat at the bar. Chris, our favorite service person there was not working that night. We got their appetizer sampler which is always good. The sampler is an assortment of many different appetizers. We always order one when we dine there. The sampler is $20.00. The bartender was very innattentive. We had to ask for water four times before we received some. The bar was not busy at all. The service people were huddling together on the other end of the bar talking. The martinis are always great there, though the martinis that we had Wednesday were not as good as they usually are. Pleasant place to relax for cocktails most of the time. Always ask for Chris if he is working.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the service experience - it sounds out of character for MOTH. We've been going there for years & are now actually good friends with most of the staff (and yes, we love Chris dearly). Have you had better bar service on the weekends? I'm just hoping it was a mid-week anomaly...

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      We go there fairly often. We usually have good to great service. I do not remember ever having this bartender before.

      1. re: MIKELOCK34

        Ah, I see. Have you tried the caviar? I've never been brave enough...

        1. re: pm1013

          Do they have caviar? I love a good caviar service, with real blinis and creme fraiche.

          1. re: Jordan

            Well, I'm not sure - that's why I ask. I'm a rather inexperienced caviar eater, so I'm not entirely sure that I would recognize a "proper" service when I saw one. Many times when I've been there, I've noticed people eating dishes that don't necessarily appear on the menu (I once was given an "experimental" liver dish to try) and have seen what looks (to me anyway) like an elaborate caviar set-up. Perhaps it's a special request? So, if anyone can shed any light on the subject it would be much appreciated :-)

            1. re: pm1013

              We have not had caviar at Moscow On The Hill. I have eaten caviar many times at restaurants in other cities. There are many different caviars to try that are readily available. Some are incredible, some way too salty or fishy.

              1. re: MIKELOCK34

                Any recco's in MSP (for a relative caviar virgin)?

                1. re: pm1013

                  I have never had any caviar in the Twin Cities. I will post a note if we try any here. Maybe someone has some recommendations on a restaurant that does caviar well here.