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Mar 14, 2008 08:32 AM

Midwest Grill in Saugus (Rt. 1), Reviews?

DH and I are thinking of going tomorrow night...any reviews would be great.
is this the kind of place best attended as part of a group? or okay as a couple?

is there a good Brazilian BBQ place in Peabody?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. it shows up in quite a few threads on the board, which you can search.
    but here is one just for MWG's Saugus location:

    the place in Peabody is Fire Bull. some here are fans, i'm not.

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    1. re: ScubaSteve

      have you been to fire bull?
      why are you not a fan?

      dh and are looking to go eat someplace different...we cook at home alot and don't eat out much but it's his bday and i want to try something new. We were thinking of hot pot in Quincy too...


      1. re: lasiciliana

        i've been to FireBull three times. i don't really know why i don't care for it. could be the lack of interesting things in the sides. but mainly i'm still bemoaning the loss of Pampas (quite a few years ago) in Cambridge. i like the Cambridge MWG better probably because i usually go with a few Brazillian natives and get really great service. i also don't think FireBull has fejoida.

      2. re: ScubaSteve

        I very much like the Midwest Grill in Saugus, and this it is good for couples or groups. Just go when it is busy so you ensure the meats turn over quickly. I prefer it to the Firebull in Peabody.

      3. We went when it first opened and didn't care for it partly because of the food and partly because of the concept. You have two options: you can have the 7-8 different courses of meat plus the hot and cold buffet for a set price or you could get the hot and cold buffet with a serving of meat from the buffet grill for a set price.

        We chose the lesser option because we couldn't imagine eating all that meat and did not believe it was worth the price considering we wouldn't eat 3-4 of the meats offered (can't remember them all now but it included chicken livers). The meat (I had chicken, he had steak) involved in the lesser option was sub-par: partially pre-cooked and then reheated when ordered, rubbery, tasteless. We aren't huge fans of buffets but some of the offerings were tasty.

        My recommendation would be that the place definitely is not worth it if you are not an adventurous meat lover. I can't comment on whether it is worth it if you are.

        1. We went a month or so ago, and except for the decor (I felt like we were trapped in the Brady Bunch's living room) we enjoyed it. The meats were generally good but a few misses. Sirloin or something came around twice- the first piece was perfectly medium rare and juicy, the second time it was dried out and overdone. The kielbasa was surprisingly delicious- but another sausage making the rounds was horribly dried out. There were probably 7 or 8 choices making the rounds- not their entire menu, but when we requested something we weren't seeing (lamb), it showed up fairly quickly.

          The sides were also surpringly good- especially a pork/black bean thing that was fantastic. The bread on the buffet was not great- save your appetite for the bread on the skewers.

          We were there just as a couple on a date and the one complaint I had was the seating. I don't care for sitting in the middle of the room but although we were there early and it was fairly slow, they wouldn't give us one of the tables by the windows because they were all for 4. I do understand the need to keep your larger tables open for larger groups, but I wish they'd had a few deuces not smack dab in the middle of the room. The gutarist was very enjoyable, as were the caipirinhas! It was fun for a date, but it would be equally good for a larger group.

          1. Midwest Grill is the WORST restaurant I have ever been to.

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            1. re: FeastNut2008

              Is this the same owner as the Midwest Grill in cambridge? I'm a hardcore carnivore and PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Animal) member. This place is definitely the most expensive and worst quality of the six Brazilian chuscarias I've tried. It's not bad just that there are cheaper yet better places.